President’s Comments Should Inspire Press, Not Intimidate It

By Staff, -

By Staff of RCFP - The New York Times has published a story with details of a memo written by former FBI Director James Comeydocumenting a conversation he had with President Donald Trump in the [...]

Oliver Stone Honored With Press Freedom Award

By Robert Parry, -

By Robert Parry for Consortium News - Director Oliver Stone – in recognition of his brave work in documentary films – has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press [...]

Putin And The Press: The Demonology School Of Journalism

By James Petras, -

By James Petras for Eurasia Review - The major influential western print media are engaged in a prolonged, large-scale effort to demonize Russian President Putin, his politics and persona. There [...]

4 False Claims About Iran Deal

By Daniel Angster, -

By Daniel Angster in Media Matters - Nuclear Deal Lifts U.S. Economic Sanctions On Iran In Exchange For Guarantee Of Verifiable Peaceful Nuclear Program. President Obama and the leaders of world [...]

Establishment Press Shrug Off Hersh Reporting On Bin Laden

By Kevin Gosztola, -

Most distressing about investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s story on the lies President Barack Obama’s administration reportedly told about the killing of Osama bin Laden is the general [...]