Cops Brutalize And Arrest Queer Marchers On Anniversary Of Stonewall

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Left Voice. -

Just one day before the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, a riot against the police led by trans women of color, New York City cops brutalized and arrested marchers as well as a street [...]

Five Things We Should Fight For This Pride

By Tatiana Cozzarelli and Ezra Brain, Left Voice. -

Trans youth are under attack around the country. Though we are only halfway through 2021, it has already become the worst year in recent history for legislative attacks on trans youth. 33 [...]

Democrats And Banks Won’t Steal Juneteenth Or Pride

By Carmin Maffea, Left Voice. -

Every year, Pride Month ushers in the summer. For some, this is a celebration of the Stonewall uprising. For corporations and the Democratic Party, it’s a time to co-opt what was once a radical [...]

Honoring The Movement To End Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

By Scott McCoy, Southern Poverty Law Center. -

June is Pride Month – a time set aside to honor the Stonewall uprising, which launched the movement to end discriminatory laws against LGBTQ people – and to remember the many important cultural [...]

Seattle Activists Share Their Vision For Black Trans Pride

By Manola Secaira, Crosscut. -

In recent years, trans issues have broken into the mainstream. It didn’t happen overnight; it’s been a long time coming. Trans activists have been at the center of the fight for LGBTQ [...]

LGBTQ Pride At 50

By Jeff McMillan, AP News. -

Scranton, PA - LGBTQ Pride is turning 50 this year a little short on its signature fanfare, after the coronavirus pandemic drove it to the internet and after calls for racial equality sparked by [...]

LGBTQ+ Activists Call For Civil Rights March On 50th Anniversary Of Stonewall Riots

By Reclaim Pride NYC, Popular Resistance. -

New York, NY – The Reclaim Pride Coalition (RPC), formed by LGBTQ+ activists in early 2018 to protest the corporatization and gross mismanagement of NYC Pride by Heritage of Pride (HOP), calls [...]

Ten Myths About #NoJusticeNoPride

By Siobhán McGuirk, -

By Siobhán McGuirk for Rewire - No Justice No Pride members have elevated an urgent, national conversation. And we’re not sorry. This month, the social justice group No Justice No Pride (NJNP) [...]

Gay Pride Parades Sound A Note Of Resistance

By Olga R. Rodriguez et al, -

By Olga R. Rodriguez, Rebecca Gibian and Colleen Long and Martha Irvine for Associated Press - SAN FRANCISCO — Tens of thousands of people waving rainbow flags lined streets for gay pride parades [...]

Black Lives Matter Toronto Stands By Pride Parade Shutdown

By Julia Craven, -

By Julia Craven for The Huffington Post - When the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter discovered they were the honored guests at the city’s 2016 pride parade, the group wasn’t very enthused. [...]

Historic Gay Pride Parades Follow Supreme Court Ruling

By Janie Har, -

Hundreds of thousands of people on Sunday packed gay pride events from Chicago to New York City, Seattle to San Francisco, with overall attendance expected in the millions for what amounted to a [...]

ACT UP Protesters Reflect On AIDS Demonstrations 25 Years Ago

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, -

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez in SF Examiner - “When people with AIDS are under attack, what do we do? ACT UP! Fight back!” Twenty five years ago, the principal rallying cry of the AIDS virus [...]