Prison Abolitionists Target Architectural Firm

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot. -

St. Louis Park, MN – Red paint and posters reading “No new jails” were plastered on the door of architectural firm Klein McCarthy at the beginning of the work day on September 9. Responding to a [...]

National Shut’Em Down Demonstrations Kick Off August 21

By It's Going Down. -

The purpose of the call is to center the 10 demands that Jailhouse Lawyers Speak and other inside formations have been pushing since the historic 2016 prison strike, encourage people to get [...]

Midwest Connections: A Regional Fight For Abolition

By Niko Georgiades, Unicorn Riot. -

A wave of prison abolition actions and demands have swept the United States every August since 1979 from inside the walls to outside. New groups in the Midwest such as Abolition Is a Practice and [...]

Black Power And Anti-Carceral State Infrastructure

By Joshua L. Crutchfield, Black Perspectives. -

It should not be surprising that last year, mutual aid groups in the United States had to step in where the government has historically failed. Groups like Black Lives Matter [...]

Abolition Made Practical

By Alysia Harris, Scalawag Magazine. -

How does a society go from 7,147 jails, prisons, and detention facilities nationwide down to zero? Well, it's not by scrolling and wishing. The fight for prison abolition is being won by local [...]

In The Spirit Of Abolition, Let’s Shut’em Down!

By Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, Hood Communist. -

A call to action. National “Shut’em Down” demonstrations August 21st and September 9th. Originally published on the Jailhouse Lawyers Speak blog. Over the last year prisoners across the [...]

Mutual Aid, Abolition And Movements

By Stephanie Luce, Portside. -

When I first got involved in organizing, in the mid-1990’s in New York City, I wasn’t aware of the term “mutual aid” but mutual aid was a core part of what I saw around me in all the groups I was [...]

Lessons From Mariame Kaba’s “We Do This ‘Til We Free Us”

By Micah Herskind, Medium. -

We can and must collectively build a world without policing, prisons, surveillance, punishment, and capitalism––a world in which all are equipped with the tools to prevent and transform harm, one [...]

Poultry And Prisons: Toward A General Strike For Abolition

By Carrie Freshour, Black Agenda Report. -

On April 28, 2020, Donald Trump utilized the Defense Production Act to keep meat-processing plants open. As of this writing, twenty-two plants have closed, if only temporarily, after large [...]

Prisoners Fight For Their Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Staff, Workers World. -

First and foremost, Take ‘Em Down NOLA was established about five years ago this summer, and our mission is basically the removal of all symbols of white supremacy in the city of New Orleans, as [...]

New Legal Filing Against Guantanamo Prison

By Staff, -

January 11 marks the 16th anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantánamo, and the first anniversary under this president. If you're in the D.C. area, please join us at 11:30 a.m. to [...]

Abolitionists From Around The World Gather To End Prisons

By Jean Trounstine, -

By Jean Trounstine for Truthout. In July 2017 more than 200 people from across the globe met for four days in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which was once home to abolitionist Frederick Douglass [...]

Freedom From Violence: Lessons From Black Prisoner Organizing

By Dan Berger, -

By Dan Berger for The University of North Carolina Press - Collective rebellions are episodic. Expanded technologies of control and limited leftist movements on the outside have made such [...]

Seattle Council Votes To End Youth Incarceration

By Marcus Harrison Green, -

By Marcus Harrison Green for Yes! Magazine - After a three-year crusade of protest, agitation, and organizing, a Seattle City Council meeting on September 21 brought a major victory to a diverse [...]

Jeremy Hammond Promotes Prison Abolition From Behind Bars

By Kit O'Connell, -

By Kit O'Connell in Truthout - Hammond's message of prison abolition is closely aligned to his previous work as an anti-racist activist. A disproportionate number of America's incarcerated 1 [...]

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