Baton Rouge Inmates Sue For Release Due To COVID-19, Potential ‘Death Sentence’

By Lea Skene, The Advocate. -

The inmates are seeking class-action status in an attempt to protect other current and future inmates. Their lawsuit also seeks to have a federal judge order East Baton Rouge to improve jail [...]

Federal Court Restores Voting Rights To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Florida Prisoners

A federal court on May 24, 2020 ruled that a Florida law that created wealth-based hurdles to voting is unconstitutional. The decision restores voting rights to hundreds of thousands of people [...]

May 30 Day Of Action: Stop Racist Murder And Violence

By the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. -

We will be protesting to stop the racist murder and violence that this administration has willfully unleashed. Not only is the government standing by as COVID-19 ravages African American, Latinx, [...]

#FreeBlackMamas Demand Prisoner Release

By Joe Piette, -

Philadelphia - Protesters, led by currently and formerly incarcerated women, trans and non gender-binary people, held a rally on May 15 in a city park next to Riverside Correctional Facility to [...]

Protesters Make Their Voices, And Horns, Heard Over Conditions At Prison

By Aaron Thomas, WRAL -

Protesters calling attention to conditions inside state prisons took to the streets to voice their concerns and honk their horns at Central Prison in Raleigh. Julie Schneyer, an organizer of [...]

HIV Prison Activists Are Leading A Freedom Movement

By Emily Hobson & Laura McTighe, Truthout. -

When AIDS hit prisons and jails in the 1980s, incarcerated people organized. They developed peer education programs to counter stigma and slow transmission, established buddy programs to provide [...]

Caravans Are Demanding Immediate Release Of Prisoners During COVID-19 Crisis

By Prisoners Solidarity Committee/Peoples Power Assembly, Popular Resistance. -

Local activists caravan in Baltimore demanded the immediate release of prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic.  On Saturday, April 18th, 2020, a coalition of Baltimore area activists organized a [...]

Federal Prisons Make Phone Calls Free

By Shani Saxon, Colorlines. -

Now that in-person prison visits have been banned amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) announced plans to make prison phone and video calls free for incarcerated [...]

Federal Prison Factories Kept Running As Coronavirus Spreads

By Cary Aspinwall, Keri Blakinger, and Joseph Neff, The Marshall Project. -

As the coronavirus spread across the country, Patrick Jones kept reporting to his job in the textile factory at the federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana. He’d worked there for years, sewing [...]

Impact Of COVID-19 On Prisons

By the Prison Policy Initiative. -

Prisons and jails are amplifiers of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, because the conditions that can keep diseases from spreading - such as social distancing - are nearly impossible to [...]

Court: Florida Can’t Bar Felons From Vote Over Fines, Fees

By Bobby Caina Calvan and Curt Anderson, AP News. -

Tallahassee, FL  — Florida cannot, for now, bar felons who served their time from registering to vote simply because they have failed to pay all fines and fees stemming from their cases, a [...]

Anatomy Of A Hunger Strike: A Prisoner Speaks

By Demetrius Grant/ Joe Piette, editor, -

Many protests against mass incarceration have taken place on the streets of U.S. cities over the last decade. Many resistance struggles have also been waged by individuals or groups of prisoners [...]

Our Prisons Have A Medical Crisis

By Shandre Delaney, -

I advocate for prisoners through the Human Rights Coalition Fed-Up! We believe that although prisoners lose their right to live in a free society, they do not lose their civil or human rights. We [...]

Chaos Erupts At Infamous Prison As Legislature Fails To Provide Funding

By Jerry Mitchell, -

One prisoner strangled another to death while other inmates cheered the killing. Two convicts escaped a dilapidated building by walking out an open door. Maximum-security detainees freely roamed [...]

Advancing Rights Restoration: Where Should Civil Rights Stop?

By Sawari Amani, Sawari Mi. -

This week was called by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak (JLS) to be Unchain the Vote Week focused on bringing attention to the unconstitutional, dehumanizing act of felony disenfranchisement that plagues [...]