Pandemic Protections Must Extend To People In Prison

By Amani Sawari, -

Over the past month as the Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the United States, precautions have been made to protect residents including enhancements to operational capacity of health care [...]

First Statewide Suit Against Corrections Dept. Over Response To COVID-19 Outbreak

By Amani Sawari, -

Being one of the first areas to have encountered Covid-19, the West Coast is ahead of the rest of the country in its response and preventative efforts. Like many states the entry of nonessential [...]

Elected Prosecutors Call For Dramatic Reduction In Prison Populations

By Staff, -

COVID-19 has the world on high alert. In recognition that the coronavirus is spreading quickly among high concentrations of people in close proximity, schools are being shut down, conferences [...]

Students Sue Harvard For Investment In Private Prisons

By Staff, -

This is not a decision that our campaign arrived at lightly. Turning to the courts is a last resort. Having tried multiple channels, from protests to petitions to rallies to teach-ins to reports [...]

Activists Are Reclaiming Jails As Community-Operated Social Service Facilities

By James Kilgore and Ivie Osaghae, -

Jails have emerged as a key focal point of the struggle against mass incarceration. Several trends are in motion at the same time. In jurisdictions like New York and Los [...]

You Can Be Free To Vote, Even Behind Bars

By Kenyetta Rich, -

Birmingham, Alabama is a landmark city for the American civil rights movement. Even today, it’s ground zero for a vital fight over voting rights. I visited Jefferson County Jail in Birmingham [...]

Torture Rears Its Ugly Head at Guantánamo, It Should Be Closed

By Andy Worthington on his blog -

2020 has, to date, been noteworthy for how much attention has been focused on Guantánamo, the US naval base in Cuba that is home to the “war on terror” prison established in January 2002, and [...]

Our Prisons Have A Medical Crisis

By Shandre Delaney, -

I advocate for prisoners through the Human Rights Coalition Fed-Up! We believe that although prisoners lose their right to live in a free society, they do not lose their civil or human rights. We [...]

Most States Saw Prison Reforms In 2019, But Incarceration Rates Remain High

By Victoria Law, -

On December 20, 2019, criminal justice advocates celebrated the news that President Trump signed the Fair Chance Act into law. Tucked into a massive defense spending bill, the law is a federal [...]

Chaos Erupts At Infamous Prison As Legislature Fails To Provide Funding

By Jerry Mitchell, -

One prisoner strangled another to death while other inmates cheered the killing. Two convicts escaped a dilapidated building by walking out an open door. Maximum-security detainees freely roamed [...]

More Than 25 Cities Light Up The Night Against Prisons & Migrant Detention Camps

By Staff, -

On New Year’s Eve, in over 25 cities across so-called North America, anarchists, abolitionists, and autonomous anti-capitalists took part in noise demonstrations outside of ICE detention [...]

Groups Protest Companies That Have Invested In Wyatt Prison

By Kevin G. Andrade, -

BOSTON — The Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance and allied groups visited the offices of several investors in the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility across the country Monday in an effort to get [...]

The Charter-To-Prison Pipeline

By Alexandria Millet, -

In late September, headlines flickered across my Twitter timeline about a six-year-old black girl who was arrested at school for a temper tantrum. In outrage and confusion, I opened up the [...]

Why I Support Closing Rikers Island Without Building New Jails: A Letter From Prisoner Lee Doane

By Staff, -

As New York City lawmakers prepare to cast a critical vote to invest billions of dollars in new jails as part of an effort to close the Rikers Island jail complex, Shadowproof exchanged letters [...]

Meat Is (Ecological) Murder, Greenwashed Deforestation & Fighting Toxic Prisons

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Meat isn't good for you – even if it's good for you. Next, the charred reality driving deforestation and greenwashed consumer products in your markets. Plus, Fight Toxic Prisons joins us to talk [...]