Protesters Blockade Central Prison In North Carolina

By Calvin Deutschbein, -

June 13 marked the beginning of the third week of protests in Raleigh, N.C., the state capital and home of the murderous Raleigh Police Department and more than 70 other law enforcement agencies. [...]

#FreeBlackMamas Demand Prisoner Release

By Joe Piette, -

Philadelphia - Protesters, led by currently and formerly incarcerated women, trans and non gender-binary people, held a rally on May 15 in a city park next to Riverside Correctional Facility to [...]

New York Tried To Get Rid of Bail

By Jamiles Lartey, Black Agenda Report. -

The no-bail movement was on a roll from Vermont and New Jersey to Alaska and Georgia – and then the lock ‘em up mob struck back. The national drive to reduce jail and prison populations are [...]

Private Prison Sues State For Not Having Enough Prisoners

By Es Fein, Wondergressive. -

A private prison in Arizona recently sued the state for having a lack of prisoners. For the sake of saving over $16 million in back pay, the state settled by paying the private prison $3 million. [...]

El Salvador: Bukele’s Heavy- Handed Response To Pandemic Violates Human Rights

By Alina Duarte, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

Behind that jovial image of a president who takes selfies at the U.N. and governs over social media stands a strategic ally of the United States who has little regard for human rights. The [...]

Prisoners Fight For Their Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Staff, Workers World. -

First and foremost, Take ‘Em Down NOLA was established about five years ago this summer, and our mission is basically the removal of all symbols of white supremacy in the city of New Orleans, as [...]

Cruel Hoax Mumia Abu-Jamal Was Ill With COVID-19

By Mobilization for Mumia, Popular Resistance -

When a PA Department of Corrections official falsely claimed Mumia Abu-Jamal was being hospitalized with COVID-19 at 5 pm on April 15, the news was shared worldwide in minutes. Supporters around [...]

Caravans Are Demanding Immediate Release Of Prisoners During COVID-19 Crisis

By Prisoners Solidarity Committee/Peoples Power Assembly, Popular Resistance. -

Local activists caravan in Baltimore demanded the immediate release of prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic.  On Saturday, April 18th, 2020, a coalition of Baltimore area activists organized a [...]

Palestinian Prisoners Day – The Struggle For Freedom

By Ramona Wadi, Middle East Monitor. -

The annual commemoration of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day can turn easily into a travesty of remembrance. This year, 17 April will be marked with statements calling for the release of Palestinian [...]

Prison Pandemic Pending

By Werner Lange, Hampton Think. -

“Many people who are dying both here and around the world were on their last legs anyway’. There in a nutshell is the misanthropic mindset of one right-wing pundit, Bill O’Reilly, who gave voice [...]

Pandemic Protections Must Extend To People In Prison

By Amani Sawari, -

Over the past month as the Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the United States, precautions have been made to protect residents including enhancements to operational capacity of health care [...]

First Statewide Suit Against Corrections Dept. Over Response To COVID-19 Outbreak

By Amani Sawari, -

Being one of the first areas to have encountered Covid-19, the West Coast is ahead of the rest of the country in its response and preventative efforts. Like many states the entry of nonessential [...]

Elected Prosecutors Call For Dramatic Reduction In Prison Populations

By Staff, -

COVID-19 has the world on high alert. In recognition that the coronavirus is spreading quickly among high concentrations of people in close proximity, schools are being shut down, conferences [...]

Students Sue Harvard For Investment In Private Prisons

By Staff, -

This is not a decision that our campaign arrived at lightly. Turning to the courts is a last resort. Having tried multiple channels, from protests to petitions to rallies to teach-ins to reports [...]

Activists Are Reclaiming Jails As Community-Operated Social Service Facilities

By James Kilgore and Ivie Osaghae, -

Jails have emerged as a key focal point of the struggle against mass incarceration. Several trends are in motion at the same time. In jurisdictions like New York and Los [...]