A People’s Guide To The War Industry: Portfolio Of Conflicts

By Christian Sorensen, Consortium News. -

Without looking at military adventurism through the lens of the corporation, analysts are bound to produce error-filled studies. For example, one analyst contended in an interview on The Real [...]

Contrasting Health Systems

By Pasqualina Curcio Curcio, Ultimas Noticias, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

In the catalog of health provision and financing systems, we find a wide range, from the most private to the public and free of charge. There are systems whose provision and financing [...]

Top Industries Would Fail If They Paid For Natural Capital

By David Roberts for Grist. Environmentalists these days love speaking in the language of economics — it makes them sound Serious — but I worry that wrapping this notion in a bloodless technical [...]

Prisoners Become A Commodity

By Charles M. Blow www.nytimes.com -

It also means that criminal sentences must remain stiff, which the sheriff’s association has supported. This has meant that Louisiana has some of the stiffest sentencing guidelines in the [...]

Defining a Bold New Standard for Fair Pay

By toomuchonline, toomuchonline.org -

Typical employees at Goldman, of course, didn’t take home anything near that $383,374. How much do typical Goldman employees actually make? We don’t know. U.S. banks and corporations don’t have [...]

Environmental Groups React to Royal Dutch Shell Reporting 48% Decline

by Aaron Pickus, Steve Kretzman, Keiller MacDuff, commondreams.org -

"Given Shell's appalling profit warning, how we can we expect to trust Shell with the fragile Arctic environment? They can barely make money in the most profitable business the world has ever [...]