Profit-Driven Health Care Is Killing The Dreams Of Young People. Young People Are Fighting Back.

By National Nurses United, -

Briana Moss, 30, grew up in Dyersville, Iowa, site of the “field of dreams” (from the 1989 movie). Despite the reputation of her hometown, her own life dreams feel on hold. At age 30, when many [...]

Companies Are Making Money From Child Migrant Camp

By Jerry Iannelli, -

One of the less reported aspects of the United States deportation system is just how profitable it is. Private, for-profit companies and contractors are paid billions to carry out the [...]

The United States Of Greed And Bullies

By Rivera Sun, -

A nation built on greed is not a nation; it is just a legal framework for rape and pillage, slavery and exploitation, theft, murder, and genocide. A nation whose primary function is to protect [...]

University Of Glasgow Commits To Pay Reparations For Profiting From African Enslavement, Providing A Model For Others To Follow

By David Love, -

Even as those who oppose reparations argue it is unfeasible or too costly, one British university is proving that it is both possible and necessary to make amends for the enslavement and genocide [...]

Corporations That Fail To Reduce Carbon Will Face Stock Depreciation & Devaluation

By Staff, -

The researchers further determined that the failure of companies within the emission-intensive sector to take carbon reduction actions could start negatively impacting the general stock market in [...]

Why “Good Liberals” Won’t Save The Climate

By Scott Parkin, -

We’ve known for a long time not to believe the false rhetoric of “good liberals” like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jerry Brown. In rare moments, we’re able to draw a stark contrast between [...]

Medicare For All Should Be Free Of Profit Takers

By Kay Tillow, -

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for the advocates of national single payer health care in the United States.  So good because the vast majority in the US have embraced the concept [...]

The Big Business Of Drones, Who Is Profiting?

By Christian Sorensen, -

Boeing’s main drone division is known as Insitu. It manufactures and assembles its products in Washington and Oregon along the Columbia River. Two of its bestsellers are the Blackjack and the [...]

Demonstrators Hold ‘Die-In’ To Protest Sackler Family’s Ties To Harvard Art Museums

By Isabelle Agee-Jacobson and Caroline S. Engelmayer, -

Shouting “people over profits” and throwing pill bottles on the floor, more than 30 demonstrators held a “die-in” in Harvard's Arthur M. Sackler Museum Friday to protest its connections to a [...]

#AbolishICE: Protesters Call Out ‘Profiteers’ And Localities Working With ICE In Virginia

By Anne Meador, -

About a hundred people protested at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field office in Fairfax County, Va. today, saying that the agency inflicts violence on immigrant families [...]

Beyond Racism, Immigrant Mass Detention Is All About Profit

By Elliott Gabriel, -

BELLINGHAM, WA – While Donald Trump’s stepped-up repression of unauthorized migrants has been touted as a “get tough” policy meant to stem a flood of “animals” affiliated with transnational [...]

‘Peace Is Bad For Business’: War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea

By Jake Johnson, -

Last year, investors were drooling over the prospect of all-out war with North Korea, but Tuesday's summit has them worried. American defense contractors were practically drooling over the [...]

How U.S. Taxpayers Fund The World’s Most Profitable Corporations

By David DeGraw, -

May 13, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  We were trying to think of an issue that could possibly be more significant than $21 Trillion in taxpayer money disappearing from the Pentagon. While [...]

Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases Is Bad For Business

By Lee Camp, -

Goldman Sachs has outdone itself this time. That’s saying a lot for an investment firm that both helped cause and then exploited a global economic meltdown, increasing its own wealth and power [...]

Who Profits From Nuclear Weapons Development?

By Maaike Beenes, -

329 investors made $525 Billion available to nuclear weapon producing companies between January 2014 and October 2017. They assisted with share and bond issuances, owned or managed shares and [...]

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