We Gawk At Nonsense Political Theater While The Real Enemies Go Unnoticed

By Lee Camp, Consortium News. -

Donald Trump speeches. Celebrity tweets. Corporate news repetition. Chaos. Vapidity. Manufactured dissent. Graphic fighting sports. This is what fills our field of vision. It consumes our [...]

The Pandemic Revealed US’s Zip Code Map Of Inequality

By Marshall Auerback,  Economy for All. -

The stark divide in the level of health care from testing to treatment is divided by wealth and the legacy of systemic racism. In the words of Ed Yong of the Atlantic: “Chronic underfunding of [...]

Testing And Medical Insurance: A Profitable Disaster

By Sara Founders, Workers.org. -

In the midst of a capitalist crash and an out-of-control health crisis, two mega-industries that bear a heavy burden of responsibility for the health disaster are reporting soaring profits. “The [...]