Progressives Capitulate To Biden

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

No one is holding Joe Biden’s “feet to the fire” or pushing him left or taking any of the other make believe actions which were meant to silence the Democratic Party’s left wing. There is no [...]

Squad And Company Must Unite As A Bloc To Downsize Biden’s Military Budget

By Medea Benjamin and Marcy Winograd, Popular Resistance. -

Imagine this scenario:  A month before the vote on the federal budget, progressives in Congress declared, “We’ve studied President Biden’s proposed $753 billion military budget, an increase of [...]

Congressional Progressive/Pentagon Caucus

By David Swanson, -

Back in 2007, the Congressional Progressive Caucus helped organize 90 Congress members to commit to voting against war funding. Most of them turned around and voted for war funding. That was a [...]

Lesson Learned [Again]: We Cannot Trust Progressive Democrats

By Cole Stangler, -

'When push comes to shove and you actually have a chance of winning one of these votes, you’ll usually see a bunch of people who purport to be progressives back with the institutionalists.' On [...]