Progressives Should Support Open Borders — With No Apology

By Khury Petersen-Smith, -

When President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union Address that “wealthy politicians and donors push for open borders, while living their lives behind walls and gates and guards,” it [...]

Two Populisms, Not One

By Paul Street, Counterpunch. -

Two very different “populisms” that have arisen in response to neoliberal capitalism in the West. A left-leaning social-democratic “progressive populism” targets the capitalist concentration [...]

A Plea To Progressives: Reject Russia Hysteria And Prioritize Social Justice

By Ben Spielberg, -

Skepticism of our intelligence agencies’ claims is warranted, as history has shown. From overthrowing the democratically elected Allende government in Chile and lying about it to secretly selling [...]

A New Model For Progressive Politics In The Heart Of Deindustrialization

By Bruce Vail, -

It’s startling when your hometown is labeled the worst city in the United States for African Americans. That’s what happened in Peoria in late 2016 when a survey by the online publication 24/7 [...]

You Can’t Have A Progressive Movement Without Peace

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Let's Try Democracy - Here’s my five-minute case for why you can’t have an effective progressive movement in the United States that doesn’t include working for peace. War and [...]

Progressive Democrats: Resist And Submit, Retreat And Surrender

By James Petras, -

By James Petras for Information Clearing House - July 13, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - Over the past quarter century progressive writers, activists and academics have followed a trajectory [...]

“Corporate Free” Richmond Candidates Moving Up

By Steve Early, -

By Steve Early for Beyond Chron - Since 2004, members of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) have won ten out of the sixteen city council and mayoral races they have contested in their [...]

“Freedom Cities” Campaign: Resistance Through Progress At Local Level

By Ronald Newman, -

By Ronald Newman for ACLU - On Saturday night, people at more than 2,200 events around the nation tuned in for the inaugural event of People Power, a new platform harnessing nationwide grassroots [...]

A Wake-Up Call For White Progressives

By Greg Kaufmann, -

By Greg Kaufmann for Talk Poverty - The night after Alton Sterling was killed by police, I got home from work late. When our three children were asleep, my wife and I finally had a moment [...]

People’s Convention Continues People’s Revolution

By Staff, -

By Staff of The People's Revolution - The 2016 election cycle has revealed a deficit of democracy in our country and a failure of our major institutions to respond to the needs of the American [...]

Behind The Shiny Veneer Of Seattle’s White Liberalism

By Rachael DeCruz and Gerald Hankerson, -

By Rachael DeCruz and Gerald Hankerson in The Huffington Post - When two young black women from #BlackLivesMatter disrupted a rally that Bernie Sanders was speaking at, we saw a crowd of [...]

Imagining A Progressive South

By Chisolm Allenlundy, -

By Chisolm Allenlundy in Talk Poverty - “The South is not, today, one whole.” Those words, uttered by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. in a March 30, 1963 essay for The Nation, are as true [...]

10 Reasons The TPP Is Not A ‘Progressive’ Trade Agreement

By Ralph Nader, -

By Ralph Nader in Common Dreams - "We have an opportunity to set the most progressive trade agreement in our nation's history," it states on, the website of the president's [...]

Obama Hurls Insults At Democrats And Democratic Base

By Brent Budowsky, -

In Mr. Obama’s speech at Nike last week, his comments to Matt Bai of Yahoo over the weekend, and White House press secretary Josh Earnest’s comments to reporters on Monday, Mr. Obama and his [...]

Warren Tells Obama To Put Up Or Shut Up

By Zach Carter, -

On Saturday, Warren and Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) responded with a letter essentially telling Obama to put up or shut up. If the deal is so great, Warren and Brown wrote, the administration [...]

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