Criticize But Don’t Demonize China

By Nathan Gardels, The WorldPost -

This week, the Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing and then gathered in this city-region of 22 million inhabitants for the fourth [...]

Why Is The Media Covering Protests In Hong Kong, Chile So Differently?

By Morgan Artyukhina, -

Media coverage of the protest movements in Hong Kong and Chile contrasts sharply, tracing a line in US foreign policy that aims to buttress movements that benefit US imperialism while ignoring or [...]

Baghdadi Dies Yet Again

By Abdel Bari Atwan, -

We never knew how good an actor President Donald Trump was until his press conference on Sunday announcing that US Special Forces had killed Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) leader Abu-Bakr [...]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

By Staff, -

Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched only by their outrage at who will move in: Turkish soldiers supported by Syrian fighters the United States had long rejected as [...]

Catalonia ‘Separatists’ Bad, HK ‘Pro-Democracy Protesters’ Good: Orwell’s 1984 Becomes User’s Manual For Western ‘Free Media’

By George Galloway, -

When supporters of Catalan leaders jailed for organizing a democratic vote advance on Barcelona airport, media make a fuss over ‘separatists’ causing chaos. When the same tactic’s used in Hong [...]

Natural Gas Vs. Renewable Energy: Beware The Latest Gas Industry Talking Points

By Derrick Z. Jackson, -

The campaign is loaded with disinformation. The American Petroleum Institute (API) says it’s pushing gas as a “foundation for the future” because it is “clean.” Major fossil fuel companies [...]

How The Mainstream Media Tries To Convince You That Medicare For All Is Impossible

By Celisa Calacal, Independent Media Institute, Economy for All -

Despite numerous polls showing a majority of the public supports a Medicare for All, single-payer health care system, reports from mainstream media paint a different picture. In a New York Times [...]

Media Targeted In Ecuador’s Deepening Crisis

By Staff, -

These large-scale protests began when President Lenin Moreno announced on 2 October that his government was ending fuel subsidies in effect for nearly 40 years, causing a sharp hike in fuel [...]

Joshua Wong, Juan Guaido, – New Generation Of Pro-Western “Saints”

By Andre Vltchek, -

The new generation of “pro-Western heroes” and “saints” is clearly failing to impress the world. Juan Guaido and Joshua Wong are definitely as right-wing as Mother Teresa was, but not as [...]

Media Continue To Push Misinformation About Venezuela And Drug Trafficking

By Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz, -

In recent years, Western corporate journalists have turned to systematically citing unnamed sources and secret documents from the US national security state. Indeed, one would be forgiven for [...]

Believe Absolutely Nothing The US Government And Media Say About…Anything

By Glen Ford, -

There was a time, not so long ago, when most Black Americans of all classes were highly skeptical of every word that emanated from the mouths of white folks in power in the United States. A [...]

Green-Smearing – From Nicaragua To Bolivia

By Stephen Sefton, -

On one level the intensifying deceit of Western media foreign affairs coverage corresponds to the increasing desperation of Western elites confronting their failing global power and influence. [...]

How The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville Created Fairytales Of Underground Hospitals In Syria

By Staff, -

In August 2013 the BBC produced a fake video headlined "Saving Syria’s Children" about an alleged chemical weapon attack in Syria which it claimed was caused by the Syrian government. Robert [...]

Climate Science Deniers Planning European Misinformation Campaign, Leaked Documents Reveal

By Richard Collett-White, -

A coalition of climate science denial groups is gearing up for a European media blitz later this month, in an apparent bid to derail efforts to set an EU-wide “net zero” emissions target, [...]

Western Media Portrays Hong Kong Hooligans As Heroes. But Are They?

By Andre Vltchek, -

On Sunday, huge US flags were waving in the air. A massive demonstration, consisting of mainly young people, was moving up from the old British-built downtown area of the city towards the US [...]