The US Is On A Path To War With China

By K. J. Noh, Popular Resistance. -

It was gripping , stunning testimony.  Before congress, a 15 year old volunteer nurse, Nayirah, struggled to compose her trembling voice, barely holding back tears, as she testified that [...]

Two Massive New Leaks Show Dirty Underbelly Of Empire

By Lee Camp, Consortium News. -

Most Americans don’t know reality. They know their personal reality, but unfortunately their reality is thoroughly detached from real pure, uncut reality. For example, do they know that police [...]

Fake News Hoax About ISIS Exposed

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

The top US newspaper has been exposed for overseeing another large-scale fake news operation. The main source for the New York Times’ award-winning podcast, Caliphate, has been arrested and [...]

Discredited Russian Bounty Story Exposes Media’s Role In Status Quo

By Danny Sjursen, -

It is an old journalistic trope: no one reads the correction … or the retraction. No matter how serious the error or profound the implications of the misreporting. Like, let’s say the entire [...]

Throw Sand In The Gears Of The Machine

By Caitlin Johnstone. -

Humanity will continue along its self-destructive trajectory until the masses use the power of their numbers to force real change. Humanity will not use the power of its numbers to force real [...]

COVID-19: On The Decline In Nicaragua As Its Critics Fall Silent

By John Perry, Popular Resistance. -

No country can yet claim to have defeated Covid-19, but clearly some are having more success than others. Nicaragua is one of these, and could yet be recognized as a world leader. With under [...]

Cutting Through Western Imperialist Propaganda About China, Plus A Tribute To Kevin Zeese

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

As US empire wanes and China's economy and global reach grow, the United States has entered a Cold War with China that includes economic warfare, military antagonism, and a misinformation [...]

US-Linked PR Firm Ran Fake News Networks For Right-Wing Latin American Regimes

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

A major US PR firm located just a few blocks from the White House has been caught running an industrial grade propaganda operation on social media. The information warfare blitzkrieg relied on [...]

Biden Amplifies Anti-Sandanista Propaganda

By Rick Kohn, Popular Resistance. -

A clever trick of propaganda is to introduce false information as a precept to an argument with what seems like a valid conclusion. Those who agree with the conclusion will likely accept the [...]

Lee Camp: Liberal Media Attacks Me And A Tribute To Kevin Zeese

By Lee Camp, Moment of Clarity. -

A liberal media criticism outlet recently published an article where they used one of my jokes as evidence of a grand Russian plan to subvert the 2020 US elections. Also, my memories of a great [...]

Uphold Palestinian Struggle In All Its Forms

By Khaled Barakat, Electronic Intifada. -

Fifty years ago, Palestinian intellectual Ghassan Kanafani put forward a clear position about the boycott of Israel. Kanafani was, at the time, not only an esteemed novelist and short story [...]

Xinjiang And Uyghurs – What You’re Not Being Told

By Chris Kanthan, World Affairs. -

Like a few other provinces, Xinjiang is an “autonomous” region, which means it is run by Uyghurs for the most part. For example, the current “governor” is Shohrat Zakir, an Uyghur man who’s been [...]

War And Pandemic Journalism

By Patrick Cockburn, Tom Dispatch. -

The struggle against Covid-19 has often been compared to fighting a war. Much of this rhetoric is bombast, but the similarities between the struggle against the virus and against human enemies [...]

After 23 Years Of Media Warfare Against Venezuela, US Says It Will Start A Media War

By Clodovaldo Hernandez, Orinoco Tribune. -

After 23 years of unremitting media warfare against Venezuela, the United States announces that it will start a media war against Venezuela. It’s cynical, it’s tragic, it’s even comical. Since [...]

UK And Hong Kong: Mutually Reinforced Ignorance

By Andre Vltchek, Popular Resistance. -

Three years ago, I visited Old Supreme Court Building in Hong Kong, also known as The Court of Final Appeal, together with my friend, an Afghan-British lawyer, who was on a personal mission of [...]