Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

By Patrick Henningsen, -

Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric? On the surface, the cultural narrative seems innocent enough: billionaire philanthropists, political luminaries and [...]

U.S. Media Bias Creates False Pictures Of Russia

By Staff, -

The NYT can claim that Russia's GDP is smaller than Italy's because it only looked at the nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of those countries. But nominal GDP like nominal wages are not [...]

The Propaganda Multiplier

By Swiss Propaganda Research. -

It is one of the most important aspects of our media system, and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news [...]

China Detaining Millions Of Uyghurs?

By Ajit Singh and Max Blumenthal, The Grayzone -

The US House of Representatives passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act on December 3, legislation which calls for the Donald Trump administration to impose sanctions against China over [...]

As The OPCW Is Accused Of False Reporting, US Propaganda Jumps To Its Help

By -

Under U.S. pressure the OPCW management modified or suppressed the findings of its own scientists to make it look as if the Syrian government had been responsible for the alleged chemical [...]

Omidyar’s Intercept Teams Up With War-Propaganda Firm Bellingcat

By Whitney Webb, -

NEW YORK — The Intercept, along with its parent company First Look Media, recently hosted a workshop for pro-war, Google-funded organization Bellingcat in New York. The workshop, which cost [...]

U.S. Is Using Hong Kong For A Shakedown

By Huang Jiyuan, -

The United States government just officially crowned itself as a shakedown artist. The passage and signing of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and Placing Restrictions on Teargas Exports [...]

NYT’s “Leaked” Chinese Files Story Covers For Terrorism

By Tony Cartalucci, -

The New York Times has once again exposed itself as an organ of US special interests operating under the guise of journalism – contributing to Wall Street and Washington’s ongoing and escalating [...]

US Launches New Mandarin Media Network Focused On Influencing Chinese Youth

By Mark Magnier, -

The US government is planning a major new Mandarin-language initiative in an effort to bolster its global reputation at a time of Chinese ascendancy and eroding American soft power. According to [...]

How Human Rights Watch Whitewashed A Right-Wing Massacre In Bolivia

By Alan Macleod, -

Bolivia is currently in turmoil after President Evo Morales was deposed in a U.S.-supported coup d’état on November 10. The new coup government forced Morales into exile, began arresting [...]

Bot Campaign On Twitter Fuels Confusion About Bolivian Unrest

By Zoe Schiffer, -

Since last week, a network of Twitter bot accounts has been spreading confusion about the events surrounding Bolivian President Evo Morales’ abrupt resignation. The messages, which appear in [...]

Criticize But Don’t Demonize China

By Nathan Gardels, The WorldPost -

This week, the Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing and then gathered in this city-region of 22 million inhabitants for the fourth [...]

Why Is The Media Covering Protests In Hong Kong, Chile So Differently?

By Morgan Artyukhina, -

Media coverage of the protest movements in Hong Kong and Chile contrasts sharply, tracing a line in US foreign policy that aims to buttress movements that benefit US imperialism while ignoring or [...]

Baghdadi Dies Yet Again

By Abdel Bari Atwan, -

We never knew how good an actor President Donald Trump was until his press conference on Sunday announcing that US Special Forces had killed Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh) leader Abu-Bakr [...]

New York Times Fakes The Record About Arming The Syrian Rebels

By Staff, -

Now, [..] the sense of betrayal among the Kurds [..] is matched only by their outrage at who will move in: Turkish soldiers supported by Syrian fighters the United States had long rejected as [...]