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Proportional Representation

Democracy Scholars Call On Congress To Adopt Proportional Representation

Washington, DC - More than 200 political scientists, legal scholars, and historians from academic institutions across the United States released an open letter calling on Congress to reject the United States’ winner-take-all system of elections in the wake of a failed 2020 redistricting process and adopt multi-member districts with proportional representation for the U.S. House of Representatives. The letter’s 200+ signatories include experts in fields ranging from comparative electoral politics to constitutional law. They include nine Johan Skytte Prize winners, often considered the ‘Nobel Prize of political science’: Robert Axelrod, Francis Fukuyama, Peter Katzenstein, Robert Keohane, David Laitin, Margaret Levi, Arend Lijphart, Philippe Schmitter, and Rein Taagepera.

US Not In Top Ten Most Happiest, Is It Our Government?

By Kelly Gerling for the Washington Mental Health Examiner. For Americans to take the lead in the world in happiness, it will take a real political revolution. Americans can thank Bernie Sanders for making that phrase respectable. There is a relationship between having a modern constitutional design with proportional representation and happiness, that to achieve such a modern governmental design we need an advanced political consciousness, and that doing both of these is necessary to create a much wider policy debate, a greater variety of candidates and parties, and more political innovations. Let's not be victims of our 229-year-old political system. Instead, let's just grow up and become citizen-leaders, and change it to our liking.
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