Puerto Ricans resist austerity measures and corporate corruption

By Monica Cruz, BreakThrough News. -

On October 15, protestors shut down Puerto Rico’s Highway 18 in San Juan chanting “Fuera Luma!”, our Out Luma, demanding an end to the government contract with the private energy company, Luma [...]

Striking Kellogg workers describe the issues in their fight

By George Kirby, WSWS. -

In the third week on strike, 1,400 Kellogg’s cereal workers in the US are continuing their fight against the hated two-tier wage system and the inhuman 16-hour mandated work schedule. Kellogg [...]

Taxi Drivers Plan Hunger Strike For Debt Relief

By Annie McDonough, City and State N.Y.. -

Details of how the hunger strike will work are still being finalized, but Bhairavi Desai, executive director of the driver group New York Taxi Workers Alliance, said that dozens are signed up to [...]

The Karankawa Were Said To Be Extinct

By Erin Douglas, Texas Tribune. -

Corpus Christi — On the sandy shore of the Gulf, a small group formed a circle and began to sing through the August heat. Some played ceremonial drums, and two others held a large painted canvas [...]

Climate Activists Stage Protest At Airport Against Private Jet Emissions

By The Canary. -

Extinction Rebellion activists claim to have blocked all major entrances to a private airport in protest against emissions from private jets. As part of the protest, a stretched limousine has [...]

More Than 2,000 Nurses And Health Care Workers Strike In Buffalo

By Samuel Davidson, WSWS. -

Roughly 2,200 nurses, aides and health care staff walked off the job Friday morning in Buffalo, New York, to fight for better wages, staffing and working conditions at Mercy Hospital of [...]

No Justice? No Bourbon!

By Maximillian Alvarez, The Real News Network. -

Around 400 union distillery workers in Bardstown, Kentucky, hit the picket line yesterday after rejecting a contract offer from Heaven Hill Distilleries, which included healthcare price hikes [...]

Salvadorans Reject The Adoption Of Bitcoin As National Currency

By Tanya Wadhwa, People's Dispatch. -

The Popular Resistance and Rebellion Bloc, a platform that brings together 32 social organizations, movements and unions and has been at the forefront of the recent wave of anti-Bitcoin [...]

Nabisco Owner Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter To Baker’s Union

By Sophie Peel, Williamette Week. -

The Nabisco strike that began when union bakers walked out of the Oreo and Ritz factory along Northeast Columbia Boulevard on Aug. 10 continues to fester—but Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez [...]

Nabisco Strikes Demonstrate Growing Strength Of The Labor Movement

By Tyler Walicek, Truthout. -

Confronted with management’s burdensome demands for contract concessions, Nabisco workers in Portland, Oregon, instigated a strike last month that has rapidly taken on national proportions. Since [...]

Australian Union Calls For Boycott Of General Mills Products

By People's Dispatch. -

Around 90 Australian workers at the General Mills factory in New South Wales have been on strike for nearly three weeks. On Wednesday, June 23, the national leadership of the United Workers Union [...]

Minneapolis High Rise Window Cleaners End Strike After Winning Major Gains

By Fight Back News. -

Minneapolis, MN - On Thursday, August 26, window cleaners in Minneapolis reached a tentative agreement with their employers and ended their open-ended strike after ten days on the picket [...]

Christian Students Protest Departure Of Volleyball Coach

By Elizabeth Hernandez, The Denver Post. -

Tonga, a devout Christian, said the campus pastor and athletic director called a meeting with him last week in which he was berated over his sexual orientation. Tonga said the school [...]

A Report From The Fairy Creek Blockade

By It's Going Down. -

The cops are the army, are the industry, are the government, are the predator, are the enemy, and this is nothing if not a war for our very survival… BC’s perennial “war in the woods” is not just [...]

Extinction Rebellion London Protests: Happening Now

By Chiara Giordano, The Independent. -

A giant pink table inviting Londoners to “come to the table” and discuss climate change has been erected by Extinction Rebellion protesters near Leicester Square.