Jane Fonda Leads Climate Protests At US Capitol For Fifth Week In A Row

By Ruth Milka, Nationofchange.org -

Jane Fonda was joined by hundreds of others in Washington D.C. for her fifth “Fire Drill Friday’ to urge the need for climate activism. Leading the charge out from the U.S. Capitol, Fonda urged [...]

Turning Protests In Lebanon Into An Anti-Hezbollah Campaign

By Elijah J Magnier, Ejmagnier.com -

In 1975, Lebanon went through 15 years of violent and destructive civil war. The circumstances before the beginning of the war were aimed at destroying and removing the Palestinian Liberation [...]

Lebanon Protests: The People Want The Downfall Of The Bank

By Hicham Safieddine, Middleeasteye.net -

There is no shortage of corruption in Lebanon. According to Transparency International, people in Lebanon are the most likely in the MENA region to describe their politicians and state [...]

Groups Protest Companies That Have Invested In Wyatt Prison

By Kevin G. Andrade, Providencejournal.com -

BOSTON — The Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance and allied groups visited the offices of several investors in the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility across the country Monday in an effort to get [...]

1,000 Take NYC Streets And Trains In Outrage Over Police Attacks On Teens

By Jay August, Liberationnews.org -

Normally a bustling spot for engineering students, white-collar and blue-collar workers alike, Brooklyn New York’s Metrotech Commons became a 1,000+ strong sea of concerned working class warriors [...]

Chilean Activists Sue Piñera Over Crimes Against Humanity During Protests

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Chilean NGOs Popular Defense, Vergara Toledo Bros Defense Committee and Legal Cooperative filed Monday a lawsuit for crimes against humanity against President Sebastian Piñera so that Santiago's [...]

UK High Court: Ban On Extinction Rebellion Protests Illegal

By Zoe Blackler, Rebellion.earth -

The High Court today ruled that the Metropolitan Police’s blanket ban on Extinction Rebellion protest during the October Rebellion was unlawful, in a landmark judgment that reasserts the [...]

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Disrupted

By Staff, Codepink.org -

On Tuesday, October 29 UCLA hosted a conversation between “Pioneers and Visionaries” Jaime Dimon and Eric Schmidt (the former CEO of Google) to celebrate the internet’s 50th anniversary.  We [...]

Okinawan People Oppose U.S. Military Base Expansion

By Kent Wong, Portside.org -

Okinawa is an island prefecture of Japan, located about 400 miles south of the rest of Japan. For years, there has been a campaign to stop the construction of the new U.S. military base at [...]

Thousands Of Catalan Activists Protest Spain’s Royal Visit

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Thousands of demonstrators banged on kitchen pots and chanted "Catalonia has no king!" on Monday to protest a visit by the Spanish royal family to the capital of the region that has been [...]

The Test Of A Country Is Not The Number Of Millionaires It Owns…

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research -

At the edge of hope lies the gunfire from what Frantz Fanon called ‘the old granite block upon which the nation rests’. At the moment of protest, when the gunfire starts, clarity arrives. One [...]

Women Stand Defiantly At The Vanguard Of Lebanon’s Protest Movement

By Finbar Anderson and Abbie Cheeseman, Middleeasteye.net   -

In Beirut’s calls for revolution stand a distinct army that are protecting the mass protests from falling into violence: the women's frontline. Throughout the sprawling anti-government protests [...]

People Taking To The Streets In All Continents Demanding A Humanised System

By Silvia Swinden, Pressenza.com -

Perhaps international communications and awareness of common issues, in particular amongst young people, have been enhanced by the actions of environmental groups like Greta’s Fridays for the [...]

Protests In Haiti: An Overlooked Crisis The World Should Not Ignore

By Jaqueline Luqman, Therealnews.com -

There have been protests occurring and growing in Haiti for over a year now. Widely dismissed as riots over fuel and food shortages, the unrest in Haiti is actually a response to much larger and [...]

Why Is The Media Covering Protests In Hong Kong, Chile So Differently?

By Morgan Artyukhina, Sputniknews.com -

Media coverage of the protest movements in Hong Kong and Chile contrasts sharply, tracing a line in US foreign policy that aims to buttress movements that benefit US imperialism while ignoring or [...]