Auto Honking Protest Against ICE, Supports Hunger Strike Inside

By Never Again Action, -

Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey! The detention centers must be emptied before they turn into death camps. ICE won’t do it; [...]

Amid Protests And Crises, Lebanon Defaults On Eurobond

By Jean Shaoul, -

Lebanon defaulted Monday on a $1.2 billion Eurobond. The decision by the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab not to meet the payment comes amid a spiralling financial and economic crisis, [...]

Barred From Striking, Airline Food Workers Seek Other Ways To Protest

By David Bacon, -

Melieni Cruz, who helps prepare the meals passengers eat on airplanes, went thousands of dollars into debt because she couldn’t pay her soaring medical bills. “When the doctor found cysts on my [...]

California Seniors Protest Eviction With ‘Walker Brigade’

By Negin Owliaei, -

Just two days before Thanksgiving, the nearly 100 elderly residents of Brookdale San Pablo received an unfortunate holiday notice – they were going to be evicted. Brookdale, which operates around [...]

Women Protesting India’s Anti-Muslim Citizenship Law Are Undeterred By Violence

By Mehk Chakraborty, -

Starting in the early morning of Feb. 24, sectarian violence between Hindus and Muslims broke out in several neighborhoods in northeast New Delhi — all while Donald Trump was on a visit to India. [...]

Chile: Despite Harsh Repression Of Thousands In Dignity Square Protestors Prevail

By Carlos Aznárez and Maria Torrellas, -

Neither the carabineros with their usual violent repression, nor Piñera, the dictator-puppet of US policies for the continent, nor even the hegemonic media with their lies or concealment of what [...]

1,000 Protest Anti-Chinese Racism In San Francisco

By Dave Welsh, -

Over a thousand people marched from San Francisco Chinatown to Union Square on Feb. 29 to protest the wave of racism against Chinese people in U.S. media and political circles, since the outbreak [...]

Grand Jury Refuses Felonies For Greenpeace Activists And Others Charged In Houston Oil Industry Protest

By Ryan Schleeter, -

Houston, Texas — Today, a grand jury refused to issue felony indictments against the Greenpeace USA activists and others charged following the peaceful protest on September 12, 2019 at the [...]

#NotAgainSU Protest Shuts Down 2 Blocks Of City Streets Near Syracuse University

By Julie McMahon and Chris Libonati,  -

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A #NotAgainSU protest shut down two city blocks near Syracuse University for about two hours Wednesday night. Around 100 students, faculty and supporters gathered in the [...]

Johns Hopkins students protest speeches by Joshua Wong, Nathan Law

By Wang Wenwen, -

More than 100 Chinese students at Johns Hopkins University in the US on Thursday night (US time) protested against speeches made by Hong Kong secessionists Joshua Wong Chi-fung and Nathan Law [...]

French Workers Continue Their Epic Struggle Against Macron’s Economic Reforms

By John McEvoy, -

On 20 February, nearly 100,000 people across France protested against proposed reforms to the country’s pension system. According to those striking, the new system would force them to work for [...]

Protests Continue In Dominican Republic

By Staff, -

From their homes, people took out their pots so that the municipal elections could be carried out with all the guarantees and called for the resignation of the entire board of the electoral body. [...]

Haitian Police Clashes With Armed Forces Near National Palace

By Staff, -

Police demonstrations are not linked to the anti-corruption protests that shook Haiti for most of 2019, in which police violently repressed civilian protesters. Haitian police and members of the [...]

Protesters Shut Down North Brooklyn Pipeline

By Kevin Duggan, -

Environmentalists rallied against National Grid’s ongoing construction of a seven-mile natural gas pipeline under the streets of Williamsburg and Bushwick Saturday, with one local activist saying [...]

Siemens Annual Meeting Protested Over Support For Coal Mines

By Staff, -

With hundreds of protestors chanting outside and an over-the-top security presence inside, Siemens annual general meeting (AGM) in Munich yesterday was dominated by stern criticism, by both [...]