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Proxy Forces

Ukraine Has Become A Private Mercenary Company Of NATO

“Ukraine has become a private mercenary company of NATO which exists only to fight against NATO opponents,” said Ukrainian communist and journalist Dmitri Kovalevich in an interview with Orinoco Tribune. “Ukrainian MPs are saying that Ukrainian soldiers will later have to participate in other wars on the US side for today’s US assistance. Simply put, they will go wherever the Pentagon sends them to suppress rebellious countries of the Global South.” According to Kovalevich, the United States controls all decisions in Ukraine, not only military but also economic. “It is not the Ukrainian [military] command that decides where to advance, what to undermine, what to shell; Ukrainian soldiers are acting on the advice of Western instructors,” he said, referring to the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Criminals Welcome: US Recruits Foreign Proxies To Wage ‘Irregular War’

The United States military recruits foreign fighters to serve as “proxies” in order to wage “irregular warfare” against Washington’s adversaries, and the Pentagon does not vet them to see if they have a history of committing atrocities, according to declassified documents obtained by the New York Times. These “surrogate” fighters are armed and trained by the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command. They are key players in a growing number of secretive “shadow wars” that Washington is waging across the planet. US special operations commandoes were deployed to 154 countries, or roughly 80% of the nations on Earth, as of 2020.
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