Will San Francisco Be First City With A Public Bank?

By Staff, publicbankinginstitute.org -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - San Francisco's Board of Supervisors released a new report last week that puts SF strongly in the running for the first city in the nation to launch a [...]

Former Governor Of Bank Of Spain: Public Entity Should Create Money

By Staff, publicbankinginstitute.org -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - Positive Money, the monetary reform group based in the UK, posts that Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez, former governor of Bank of Spain, is now recommending [...]

Sears Crash Shows Capitalism Is Morally Bankrupt

By Matt Stannard, www.occupy.com -

By Matt Stannard for Occupy.com. One of my closest friends in town recently lost his job managing a Sears automobile department, when the store was closed for financial reasons. My friend was [...]

What A Public Bank Could Mean For California

By Ellen Brown, www.ellenbrown.com -

By Ellen Brown for The Web of Debt Blog - California is the eighth largest economy in the world, and it has a debt burden to match. It has outstanding general obligation bonds and revenue bonds [...]

Public Banking Goes To Pot

By Jeremy Lybarger, www.hcn.org -

By Jeremy Lybarger for High Country News - Last October, a couple from Philadelphia traveled to Sebastopol, California, a quiet outpost some 50 miles north of San Francisco, to buy pot. They’d [...]

A Bank Even A Socialist Could Love

By David Dayen, www.inthesetimes.com -

By David Dayen for In These Times - “Money is a utility that belongs to all of us,” says Walt McRee. McRee is a velvety-voiced former broadcaster now plotting an audacious challenge to the [...]

Cities And States Prefer Public Banks To Wall Street

By Staff, www.publicbankinginstitute.org -

By Staff of Public Banking Institute - Alarmed by the corruption and greed of Wall Street, many US cities and states are studying the feasibility of establishing public banks. Public banks are [...]

Newsletter – Beyond Russia: The Work Ahead

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. As the day that the Electoral College casts its vote for President draws near, so does the frenzy of accusations that Russians hacked the election to benefit [...]

Oakland Passes Public Banking Resolution, Reaffirmed As Sanctuary City

By Sheng Thao, www.cowboysonthecommons.org -

By Sheng Thao for Cowboys On The Commons - The Resolution, co-sponsored by Councilmembers Kaplan, Kalb, and Guillen, directs the City Administrator to look into the scope and cost of conducting a [...]

Oakland Just Voted To Explore Public Banking

By Shara Smith, www.publicbankinginstitute.org -

By Shara Smith for Public Banking Institute - In response to long-term economic instability and disappointment with the mainstream banking system, the Oakland City Council voted Tuesday to [...]

Baltimore: One Year After The Uprising

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, www.PopularResistance.org -

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. Last April after the killing of Freddie Gray Baltimore experienced an uprising. It was not what was shown on television, which [...]

Financial Turn-Around Starts Here: A Public Bank For Santa Fe

By Nichoe Lichen, www.greenfiretimes.com -

By Nichoe Lichen for Green Fire Times - The crash of 2008 just keeps on giving. We didn’t make it happen, but somehow it’s ours to fix. Historically, governments look to raising taxes and cutting [...]

Newsletter: After The Crash…

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance. The economic agenda described here would create a radical transformation of the economy from a top-down system designed for the [...]

Newsletter: Economy Of The Future-Economic Democracy

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers for Popular Resistance - This Labor Day weekend rather than looking at the history and current struggles of workers, we look to the future and imagine what [...]

California Financial: Let’s Take The Initiative & Create A Public Bank

By Stephen J. Butler, www.occupy.com -

By Stephen J. Butler in Occupy - I personally think the time has come to set wheels in motion to organize a state-owned bank here in California. North Dakota has operated its own bank since the [...]

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