FDR Knew Exactly How To Solve Today’s Unemployment Crisis

By Ellen Brown, ScheerPost.com. -

Millions of Americans have joined the ranks of the unemployed, and government relief checks and savings are running out; meanwhile, the country still needs trillions of dollars in infrastructure. [...]

The Pandemic Has Shown That We Need A Public Option For Banking Services

By Raúl Carrillo, Inequality.org. -

As marginalized families without bank accounts struggle to get stimulus checks, it's time to fix the rusty pipes of our inequitable financial system. The COVID-19 pandemic response has shown [...]

Public Banking Would Help Speed Economic Recovery

By Isaiah Poole and Rick Girling, The Hill. -

At least 90 percent of the nation’s cities are facing a budget crisis because of the economic shutdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a mid-April report by the U.S. Conference [...]

A “Critical-Care” Bailout For Main Street In The Face Of COVID-19

By the Public Banking Institute. -

The Public Banking Institute has been working since 2011 to return control of money and credit to states and communities and create a network of publicly-owned federal, state and municipal banks [...]

New York Moving To Become Next State To Enact Public Banking

By Oscar Perry Bello, Nextcity.org -

It’s a sunny August Saturday in Far Rockaway, and New York State Senator James Sanders Jr. could hardly be more in his element. He’s riding high, not only on his parade float leading the 3rd [...]

The People vs Wall Street: California’s Public Banking Shakeup

By Glenn Daigon, WhoWhatWhy.org. -

For only the second time in 100 years, a people-powered coalition overcame the stiff opposition of the banking lobby to successfully pass a law that legalizes public banking. Governor Gavin [...]

Historic Breakthrough: Gov. Newsom Signs The Public Banking Act Into California Law

The Public Banking Institute -

Public Banking in California is a fantastic and historic breakthrough. This has been a longtime struggle of thousands of activists in California and throughout the country. Many cities and states [...]

Desperate Central Bankers Grab For More Power

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt. -

Central bankers are acknowledging that they are out of ammunition. Mark Carney, the soon-to-be-retiring head of the Bank of England, said in a speech at the annual meeting of central bankers in [...]

Underserved Communities Increasingly Support Public Banking To Rectify Wall Street Abuses

By Staff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

People from all hues of the political spectrum are recognizing that having local transparent control over the creation of credit through a publicly-owned bank not only saves money, but also gives [...]

Study Strongly Supports Public Banking To Finance Infrastructure

By The Public Banking Institute. -

In honor of the Bank of North Dakota’s centennial anniversary, here is an excellent academic report from Cornell University that includes a detailed case study of BND’s 2015 Infrastructure Loan [...]

Ocasio’s Proposed Green New Deal Includes Public Bank Funding

By Public Banking Institute -

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — one of two insurgent progressive candidates to succeed in their races for Congress — submitted draft text for a select committee on a Green New Deal financed by a [...]

4 Reasons Why Los Angeles’ Upcoming Public Banking Ballot Initiative Is A Huge Deal

By Phoenix Goodman, Laprogressive.com -

On November 6th, the citizens of Los Angeles will have a chance to decide if their city should pave the path towards creating the first municipal public bank in the country. No doubt, a ‘yes’ [...]

Oakland Takes Step Toward Public Bank With Unanimous Committee Vote

By Staff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

The City of Oakland's Finance Committee accepted the Public Bank Feasibility Study and staff report, and recommended placing it on the full City Council's agenda so that all Councilors may have [...]

The Crisis Next Time: Planning For Public Ownership As An Alternative To Corporate Bank Bailouts

By Thomas Hanna, Thenextsystem.org -

The next financial crisis is all but inevitable. While its exact timing and severity cannot be predicted, both the accelerating frequency of crises in recent decades and the continued [...]

2018 Is Indeed Proving To Be The Year Of The Public Bank

By Staff, Publicbankinginstitute.org -

In January, we at PBI proposed that 2018 would be the “Year of the Public Bank.” Now midway through the year, we’re delighted to see the idea is indeed proving true. With huge strides forward in [...]

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