Amid Divestment Protests, More Cities Explore Public Banks

By Oscar Perry Abello, -

By Oscar Perry Abello for Moyers and Company - Philadelphia City Council Member Cindy Bass was already thinking about how to cut the city’s ties with Wells Fargo when bank CEO John Stumpf [...]

TiSA And The Threat To Public Banks

By Thomas Marois, -

By Thomas Marois for TNI - The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is an attack on the future publicness of public banking around the world. This briefing is about how the Trade in Services [...]

Public Banks Can Help Cities Honor Promise To Give Sanctuary To Immigrants

By Matt Stannard and Marc Armstrong, -

By Matt Stannard and Marc Armstrong for Truth Dig - Mayor Javier Gonzales of Santa Fe, N.M., was defiant when he spoke with National Public Radio’s Kelly McEvers in November. Donald Trump had [...]

Public ‘Bank Of N.J.’ Would Save Pensions, Rev Economy

By Claude Brodesser-Akner, -

By Claude Brodesser-Akner for NJ - NEWARK — Former Wall Street executive turned 2017 Democratic candidate for governor Phil Murphy on Thursday unveiled a radical proposal for reviving New [...]

Public Banks As The Antithesis Of Neoliberalism

By Matt Stannard, -

By Matt Stannard for Public Banking Institute - The Commission on Social Development is a sub-body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In 1995 the Commission hosted a Summit on [...]

Public Bank Of North Dakota To Refinance Student Debt To 2%

By Jessica Holdman, -

By Jessica Holdman for Grand Forks Herald - BISMARCK, N.D. -- When first-time homebuyers get ready to purchase a house in North Dakota, Realtors may start handing them information on refinancing [...]

Revisiting Public Banks And Worker-Owned Cooperatives

By Matt Stannard, -

By Matt Stannard for Public Banking Institute - Foreign corporations could sue to undermine US protections for consumers’ health, safety and financial security under a provision added to the [...]

Wall Street Fees Are Bleeding Our Cities Dry

By Zach Cartwright, -

By Zach Cartwright for US Uncut. United States - Cities, counties, and states are all hemorrhaging hundreds of billions, and possibly even trillions of dollars a year in banking fees. The root [...]

Time For A Populist Economic Agenda

By Ellen Brown, -

By Ellen Brown for her blog. How can banking be made to serve the needs of the people and the economy, while preserving the more functional aspects of today’s highly sophisticated global banking [...]

City Could Save Money With Public Bank, Study Finds

By Bruce Krasnow, -

By Bruce Krasnow for The New Mexican - A feasibility study released Wednesday concluded that the city of Santa Fe could save money by establishing a public bank. Currently, when the city needs [...]

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