We Need More Public Defenders To Become Judges

By Brendon Woods and Emily Galvin Almanza, Business Insider. -

As public defenders, it's been hard to watch the defacement of our federal courts by the Trump administration.  From the Supreme Court on down, the country's judicial benches are occupied by [...]

Major Public Defense Nonprofit In New York Is Unionizing

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

One of the nation’s most respected public defender nonprofits is unionizing, the latest in a surge of union drives at prominent nonprofits across the country. The Bronx Defenders, a large [...]

Louisiana Judge Rules: No Lawyers, No Jail

By Bill Quigley, www.billquigley.wordpress.com -

By Bill Quigley for Social Justice Advocacy - New Orleans Criminal Court Judge Arthur Hunter, a former police officer, ruled that seven people awaiting trial in jail without adequate legal [...]

Crucial Element Of Criminal Justice Reform Not Talked About

By Jonathan Rapping, www.talkpoverty.org -

By Jonathan Rapping in Talk Poverty. Brendan Dassey, a 16-year-old with a developmental disability, was accused of rape and murder. The police exploited his cognitive limitations to secure an [...]