Powerful Government Policy Segregated Us

By Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute. -

I am the author of a book, The Color of Law, that disproves the myth of de facto segregation. In truth, we are residentially segregated, not naturally or from private bigotry, but primarily by [...]

Addressing America’s Homelessness And Squalor

By Eleanor Goldfield, Mintpress News. -

Washington, Ward 1 - “I wanna know where the $2.5 million is – that’s my reaction.” Muhsin Boe Luther Umar — or as we call him, Uncle Boe — throws his hands up and shakes his head. In his role as [...]

It’s Time To Build New, Mixed-Income Public Housing

By Tanner Howard, Shelterforce.org -

Is today the time to fight for public housing in the United States? That’s the argument of “Social Housing in the United States,” a new report published by the People’s Policy Project, an [...]

This Is The Wrong Time To Cut Back On Public Housing

By Ebony Slaughter-Johnson, Otherwords.org -

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson has answered President Trump’s call to shrink the social safety net. Carson recently offered a proposal that would triple the rent some of [...]

A Plan To Solve The Housing Crisis Through Social Housing

By Peter Gowan and Ryan Cooper, Peoplespolicyproject.org -

Many American cities face a severe shortage of affordable housing — and not just for the poor, but well up into the upper-middle class. A recent report from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing [...]

National Housing Crisis Becomes Focus Of Protest

By Owen Silverman Andrews, www.medium.com -

By Owen Silverman Andrews for Medium - Turning out in force despite the sweltering July heat in East Baltimore, residents of Douglass Homes public housing gathered at the Orleans Branch Library [...]

Public Housing Residents Told To Tear Up Their Gardens

By Katherine Martinko, www.treehugger.com -

By Katherine Martinko for Treehugger. Residents of public housing units in South Pittsburg, TN are angry. The executive director of the South Pittsburg Housing Authority, Lisa Bradford, recently [...]

Why SF Needs To Use Public Lands For Public Benefit

By Joseph Smooke and Dylan Ruiz, www.truth-out.org -

A record number of students are homeless. Essential nonprofit organizations are being displaced from the communities they serve. Small, locally owned businesses can't survive as rents [...]

Chicago Opening Door To Privatizing Half its Public Housing

By Rebecca Burns, www.inthesetimes.com -

Chicago, long a pioneer of privatization, is poised to embark on a sweeping experiment with the city’s public-housing stock. The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) plans to court private investment [...]

Seattle Tenants Force Public Housing Not To Raise Rent

By James Tracy, www.rooflines.org -

Public housing tenants are celebrating the Seattle Housing Authority’s (SHA) decision to retract a controversial plan to raise rents by more than 400 percent in the coming years. The “Stepping [...]

How Democrats Helped To Kill Low Cost Housing

By James Tracy, www.prorevnews.blogspot.com -

Clinton’s housing policy was part and parcel of welfare reform. Certainly, both federal income assistance and public housing needed changes. But Clinton and Congress adopted a model based in [...]

Housing The Homeless In Baltimore’s Vacants

By Fern Shen, www.baltimorebrew.com -

Housing the homeless of Baltimore in the city’s vacant rowhouses is being floated again by local affordable housing activists whose idea forms the core of an article in the current [...]

The RAD-ical Shifts To Public Housing

By Rachel M. Cohen, www.prospect.org -

Traditional public housing is out of favor and substantially out of funds. It’s bureaucratic, concentrates the very poor, and is literally crumbling due to a huge backlog of deferred maintenance. [...]

A RAD-ical Housing Experiment

By Rebecca Burns, www.inthesetimes.com -

After decades of decay, public housing in the United States could soon be relegated to the dustbin of history, thanks to a new Obama administration initiative called the Rental Assistance [...]