‘Starve The Beast’: Southern Campaigns To Divest, Decarcerate, And Re-Imagine Public Safety

By Zaina Alsous, Scalawagmagazine.org -

In La Casa Azul, “The Blue House” in East Point, Atlanta, organizers with the Racial Justice Action Center meet in what they call “the war room;" a room where they discuss political strategy, [...]

Study: Enactment Of California’s Medical Marijuana Law Associated With Sustained Decline In Traffic Fatalities

Irvine, CA: The enactment of California's 1996 medical cannabis access law is associated with a significant and a sustained decline in motor vehicle fatalities, according to data published in [...]

How Much Influence Does Big Pharma Have On Your Safety?

By Kate Harveston, Popular Resistance. -

Evil pharmaceutical companies bending blue-collar workers to their whim sounds like the stuff of a sci-fi novel, but more and more it's becoming our reality. At first, it was the actions of [...]

Sugar Shack Protesters Block Construction For Public Safety

By Sugar Shack Alliance, www.popularresistance.org -

By the Sugar Shack Alliance. Massachusetts - In an early morning action carried out yesterday at the site of the Kinder Morgan/TGP Connecticut Expansion Pipeline Project, 21 members of the Sugar [...]

Reality Check: More Police Officers Don’t Equal Safer Neighborhoods

By Zenobia Jeffries, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Zenobia Jeffries for Yes! Magazine - This summer will mark the third anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, a New York man who was killed by police officers outside of a neighborhood [...]

Weekly Rally For A Safety Study For Cove Point

By Staff, www.wearecovepoint.org -

By We Are Cove Point. June 24, 2017 was a turning point for We Are Cove Point. After years of meeting with legislators and state officials to ask for a safety study (known as a Quantitative Risk [...]

In Detroit, Safety Is A Privilege Enjoyed By The White & Wealthy

By Patrick Sheehan, www.alternet.org -

By Patrick Sheehan for Alternet. Detroit's public electric company, DTE Energy, that the local government was forced to decommission all streetlights on its residential streets. Not only did DTE [...]