These City Bus Routes Are Going All-Electric ― And Saving Money

By Lyndsey Gilpin, -

By Lyndsey Gilpin for Inside Climate News - Two years ago, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) in Louisville, Kentucky, bought 10 electric buses to replace its aging diesel fleet. The [...]

European Cities Are Reclaiming Public Services From The Private Sector

By Alexis Chemblette, -

By Alexis Chemblette for VIce - In the '80s a neoliberal tide swept across the West with the idea that welfares states had become too expensive and that privatizing public goods was better for [...]

Reclaiming Public Services

By Satoko Kishimoto, Olivier Petitjean and Lavinia Steinfort, -

By Satoko Kishimoto, Olivier Petitjean and Lavinia Steinfort for Portside - Reclaiming Public Services is vital reading for anyone interested in the future of local, democratic services like [...]

Ten Global Struggles For Public Water

By Lavinia Steinfort, Satoko Kishimoto and Denis Burke, -

By Lavinia Steinfort, Satoko Kishimoto and Denis Burke for Throughout the world there are current battles where people are trying to prevent privatization of their water supply. On [...]

Public Services Under Attack Through TTIP And CETA

By Staff, -

By Staff of Corporate Europe Observatory - EU trade deals with Canada and the US could endanger citizens’ rights to basic services like water and health, as negotiators are doing the work of some [...]

Rigged Corporate Trade Turns Public Services Into Corporate Profits

By Nick Dearden, -

Another week, another victory for big business over a government in a secret pseudo-court. This time it’s the turn of private water giant Suez, who successfully sued Argentina for reversing the [...]