Low Energy, High Profits: How Privatizing Public Utilities Left Us All In The Dark

By Jon Jeter, Mintpressnews.com -

More than a generation after President Ronald Reagan barked at his subordinates, “Don’t just stand there; undo something!” government officials from South Africa to southern California have [...]

Why The Internet Should Be A Public Utility

By Umair Haque, eand.co -

By Umair Haque for Eudaimonia - Now. Where does this approach — lower prices leading to the greater good — leave America? Well, it leaves it unable to provide utilities well, or genuinely, [...]

Public Power As A Vehicle Towards Energy Democracy

By Johanna Bozuwa, thenextsystem.org -

By Johanna Bozuwa for The Next System Project - “We would line up all of our inhalers in a row on the benches before we would go run, just in case,” recounts Kristen Ethridge; an Indiana resident [...]

Our Best Shot At Meeting Paris Goals? Make Energy Public

By Sarah van Gelder, www.yesmagazine.org -

By Sarah van Gelder for Yes! Magazine - Mayors across the country have vowed to deliver on the goals of the Paris climate accord in defiance of President Trump’s decision to back out. But how can [...]

Ending Tax Dodging By Utilities Can Prompt Clean Energy Transition

By Sharmini Peries, www.therealnews.com -

By Sharmini Peries for The Real News Network - We have all known that corporate tax evasion has reached epic proportions, robbing the public treasuries of the ability to address any serious [...]

“Solar for All”: How Utilities Can Increase Access To Solar Energy

By John Rogers, www.blog.ucsusa.org -

By John Rogers for USCUSA - A new report looks at what utilities can do to “bring solar within reach” for a broader swath of U.S. households, particularly in lower-income areas and communities of [...]

How To Socialize America’s Energy

By Kate Aronoff, www.theleapblog.org -

By Kate Aronoff for the LEAP Blog. Today’s renewable energy sector, while growing rapidly, hardly offers a roadmap to the transition needed. As billionaires battle over the profits promised by [...]