Puerto Ricans Brace For Another Disaster: Foreclosures

By David Dayen, Theintercept.com -

The foreclosure horrors add to Puerto Rico’s Dickensian experience of late. Close to 35 percent of the island remains without power after Hurricane Maria, with full restoration not expected until [...]

‘Disaster-In-Chief’ Trump Was ‘Disrespectful’ To Puerto Rico

By Justin Baragona, Mediaite.com -

A hundred days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, there are still huge swaths of the island without power. The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that the territory won’t be at 100% [...]

Puerto Fears School Privatization After Hurricane

By Aída Chávez and Rachel M. Cohen, www.theintercept.com -

By Aída Chávez and Rachel M. Cohen for the Intercept. As Hurricane Maria departed Puerto Rico, leaving utter ruin in its wake, one community in Vieques picked itself out of the wreckage by [...]

Puerto Rican Teachers Occupy Education Secretary’s Office

By Staff, www.fightbacknews.org -

By Fight Back News. San Juan, Puerto Rico - In an escalation in their fight to stop the government from closing or privatizing public schools in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the Puerto Rican [...]

A People’s Recovery: Radical Organizing In Post-Maria Puerto Rico

By Juan Carlos Davila, www.indypendent.org -

By Juan Carlos Davila for The Indypendent - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — After Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, most telecommunications services collapsed, particularly cell [...]

Solidarity In Action: Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Underway

By Leninz Nadal, www.indypendent.org -

By Leninz Nadal for The Indypendent - I grew up in the Lower East Side as a Nuyorican, and this has been a really emotional experience. My extended family lives in the municipalities of Loíza and [...]

Newsletter – Mobilize For System Change

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, www.popularresistance.org -

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Decades of neo-liberal economic policies in the United States and debt, which is required by the bottom 90% to survive, have fanned political unrest and the [...]

How To Erase Puerto Rico’s Debt Without Hurting Mom And Pop

By Ellen Brown, www.ellenbrown.com -

By Ellen Brown for Web of Debt. During his visit to hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump shocked the bond market when he told Geraldo Rivera of Fox News that he was going to [...]

A Tale Of Two Islands

By Vijay Prashad, www.frontline.in -

By Vijay Prashad of Frontline - HURRICANES DEVELOP IN THE ATLANTIC Ocean and move across the cold water towards the warmer sea of the Caribbean. All that energy journeys, picking up steam, [...]

More Trouble Ahead: Puerto Rico’s Impending Medicaid Crisis

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston, www.cepr.net -

By Lara Merling and Jake Johnston for CEPR - Already in the midst of a fiscal crisis, Puerto Rico faces a long road to recovery from Hurricane Maria, a devastating storm it was ill-equipped to [...]

How The Vietnam War Prepared Puerto Ricans To Confront Crisis

By Michael Stewart Foley, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Michael Stewart Foley for Waging Nonviolence - This week, as Puerto Ricans feel once again like a White House afterthought, it is hard not to conclude that Puerto Rico matters to Washington [...]

Puerto Rico Considering Returning Power Through Renewable Microgrids

By Brad Jones, www.futurism.com -

By Brad Jones in Fururism. Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosselló proposed the idea of switching the island over to a microgrid system. This would localize the production of electricity to [...]

While Outrage Mounts Over Puerto Rico…

By Whitney Webb, www.mintpressnes.com -

By Whitney Webb for Mintpress News. San Juan, Puerto Rico – Since Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory – which rarely garners much attention from the national [...]

Demonstrations Show Solidarity With Puerto Rico, Protest Trump

By Staff, www.answercoalition.org -

By Staff of Answer Coalition - The Trump administration's criminally insufficient response to the crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricanes Irma and Maria has caused huge suffering. Below are [...]

New Yorkers Picket Trump Tower In Support Of Puerto Rico

By Ashoka Jegroo, www.wagingnonviolence.org -

By Ashoka Jegroo for Waging Nonviolence - A crowd of about a hundred protesters picketed outside of Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday in support of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, while also [...]

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