A Sign Of The Times; US Journalist Detained At Helsinki Summit

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

During the scripted Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki, Finland, a US journalist, Sam Husseini, was taken into police custody for holding a small sign. Husseini, a long time advocate for [...]

Putin And Trump Stage Manage Win-Win Meeting

By Pepe Escobar, www.atimes.com -

By Pepe Escobar for Asia Times. From the start, the “positive chemistry” in the Mother of All Sit-Downs was a given. The format – with only the four principals, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, [...]

The Syrian Test Of Trump-Putin Accord

By Ray McGovern, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Ray McGovern for Consortium News. The immediate prospect for significant improvement in U.S.-Russia relations now depends on something tangible: Will the forces that sabotaged previous [...]

What Trump Can Expect From Putin

By Ray McGovern, www.consortiumnews.com -

By Ray McGovern for Consortium News. President Trump will have his first meeting with President Putin at a time of dangerous U.S.-Russian tensions, amid demands to “get tough,” but ex-CIA analyst [...]

Stone: ‘Declassify’ All Secret Documents On Ukraine Conflict

By Alex Christoforou, www.theduran.com -

By Alex Christoforou for The Duran. The Obama Administration, with the help of the CIA and main stream media, cleverly diluted the fact they they violently overthrew the democratically elected [...]

The Public Evidence On Russia Is Insufficient

By Sam Biddle, theintercept.com -

By Sam Biddle for the Intercept. There’s a lot of evidence from the attack on the table, mostly detailing how the hack was perpetrated, and possibly the language of the perpetrators. It certainly [...]

Putin And The Press: The Demonology School Of Journalism

By James Petras, www.eurasiareview.com -

By James Petras for Eurasia Review - The major influential western print media are engaged in a prolonged, large-scale effort to demonize Russian President Putin, his politics and persona. There [...]

Propaganda Of Empire, US & Allies Hypocrisy On Ukraine

By William Pfaff, www.truthdig.com -

President Obama’s final words to Mr. Putin set the pattern for hypocrisy: “(We are) very firm on the need to uphold core international principles, and one of those principles is you don’t invade [...]

VIDEO: Class, Race, and War – Resistance Report One-Hour Pilot

Host Dennis Trainor, Jr. navigates a lively panel discussion with Nicole Carty (The Other 98%), Julianna Forlano (Absurdity Today), and Joel Northam (Resistance Report contributor). Special [...]

Pussy Riot Still Protesting Putin After Amnesty

By Maria Vasilyeva and Nikolai Isayev, www.reuters.com -

Two members of Russian punk protest band Pussy Riot freed from prison on Monday derided President Vladimir Putin's amnesty that led to their early release as a propaganda stunt and promised to [...]