Québec Student Strike

By Stefan Christoff, www.beautifultrouble.org -

By Stefan Christoff for Beautiful Trouble - In 2012, Québec students managed to reverse a major tuition hike and a draconian anti-protest law through direct democracy, creative tactics, and mass [...]

Quebec Mayors Unite Against Bill They Say Poses Threat To Drinking Water

By Staff, www.montreal.ctvnews.ca -

By Staff of CTV News - Several Quebec mayors are vowing to fight a new law that they say would take away their power to protect their communities’ drinking water. Bill 106 is meant to provide a [...]

Quebec’s Strike Wave Rolls Toward A Showdown

By Ashley Smith, www.socialistworker.org -

Workers in the Canadian province of Quebec are mobilizing the largest struggle against austerity in North America. Public-sector workers across Quebec have hit the picket lines for a wave of [...]

The “Longue Durée” Of The Québec Spring

By Pierre Beaudet, www.socialistproject.ca -

This new “Québec spring” is neither a marginal nor a momentary reaction to any particular government's policy. In 2012, there certainly was the specific trigger of the tuition hike prompting a [...]

Montreal Students Now Fighting Austerity With ‘Occupy’ Reboot

By Brigitte Noel and Simon Coutu, www.vice.com -

In an effort to breathe new life into the somewhat dwindling anti-austerity movement, nearly 100 students have set up a makeshift campsite outside a Montreal CÉGEP school. In Quebec, protests [...]

Anonymous Shuts Down Montreal Police Site Against Brutality

By Waqas, www.hackread.com -

The infamous online hacker group Anonymous’ Quebec branch has taken the credit for penetrating the Montreal Police department website and the officers’ union. On Friday, at 10:30PM, the [...]

Protesters Stage Night Occupation Of UQAM Building

By Rene Bruemmer and Monique Muise, www.montrealgazette.com -

More than 250 students at the Université du Québec à Montréal occupied a building Wednesday night where, during the afternoon, police arrested 21 protesters. Shortly before midnight, 150 [...]

Protests Shut Down Austerity At Point Of Production

By Jonathan Leavitt, www.truth-out.org -

On March 21st, the first day of spring, Quebec students went on strike over the Liberal Couillard government’s austerity policies; those numbers swelled to over 60,000 striking students by Monday [...]

Quebec’s Long Struggle To Build A Democratic Left Party

By Pierre Beaudet and Richard Fidler, www.rabble.ca -

In 1971, I worked at the Montréal Central Council of the CSN, where my mentor Michel Chartrand was president. Maligned as an anarcho-syndicalist, he embodied the left opposition in the CSN. He [...]

Four Reasons Québec Is On The Streets Fighting Austerity

By David Gray-Donald, www.rabble.ca -

Night demonstrations -- a fixture in the 2012 Quebec student movement -- were held on Tuesday in Montreal and Quebec City, and again on Friday in Montreal, with thousands filling the streets as [...]

Montreal Students Announce Strike

By Jennifer Baker, www.revolution-news.com -

The Montreal Gazette reported that organizers of the protest said this will be one of several demonstrations to be held over the next few months. “Today, we’re proud to launch a raucous [...]

Non To Austerity In Quebec: Demonstrations Scheduled For Saturday

By David Gray-Donald, www.rabble.ca -

Spring is being welcomed in Quebec with a Popular Protest (Manifestation populaire) against austerity and the petro-economy this Saturday, March 21, called by Printemps 2015organizers. Saturday's [...]

Quebec Protest Aims To Pressure Leaders On Climate Change

By CTV Montreal, www.montreal.ctvnews.ca -

Representatives from environmental organizations, unions, student groups and First Nations Sunday announced plans for a rally to demand action to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The groups say [...]

Quebec Students Plan One Of Largest Strikes In Canada History

By Alan Jones, www.vice.com -

Three years after staging the largest student protest in Canadian history, students in Quebec are gearing up for another one. Various media outlets may have threatened the same thing last year, [...]

Anti-Austerity Protesters Occupy Yves Bolduc’s Office

By Andrew Brennan, www.cjad.com -

Hundreds of protesters once again converged on the Montreal office of Premier Philippe Couillard to voice their opposition to government cuts in the public sector. "Austerity is irking me, [...]

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