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Decolonizing The Mind

It is vital to free ourselves from belief in the systems of white supremacy and imperialism that are inculcated in the educational system and are affirmed and amplified by the media and establishment opinion. The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II puts the need for political and psychological liberation in high relief. We are encouraged to admire an anachronistic monarchy, and are exhorted to join in mourning an individual and a system that have caused great harm to Black and other oppressed people around the world. It is important to point out that British prime ministers are heads of government while the monarch is head of state. Elizabeth bore responsibility for every UK government action during her 70-year long reign.

Thousands Protest Buckingham Palace Over Brexit, ‘Stop The Coup’

London - Protesters have marched on Buckingham Palace, in a show of anger at the Queen over her role in permitting the prorogation of Parliament. The unusual scenes in central London on Saturday come amid protests attended by thousands of people across the UK, in opposition to Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament from sitting. Protesters holding signs reading “Defend democracy, resist the Parliament showdown” broke away from the main demonstration in Trafalgar Square to head up the Mall to Buckingham Palace. The rare sight of protesters outside the Palace comes after the Queen approved Mr Johnson’s request to prorogue Parliament from mid-September until 14 October, shortening the period of time for MPs to thwart a no-deal Brexit.
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