How The Criminalization Of The Queer Community Affects Us All

By Andrew Extein, -

By Andrew Extein in Center For Sexual Justice - Sexual minorities, including queer and LGBT people, face many obstacles when navigating the criminal justice system. One especially difficult [...]

Equality Is Far Away: Conversation W/ Authors Of “Queer (In)Justice”

By Joe Macaré, -

By Joe Macaré in Truthout - LGBTQ leadership has also had an impact on broader campaigns and movements around police accountability at both the national and local levels. It's well known that [...]

Climate Activism: Erasure Of Queer & Trans* People Of Color

By Ceci Pineda, -

There is a dangerous silence around the impacts of climate change on our communities within academia, the climate movement, and even our own work to confront violence in our communities. In [...]