Race Is Central To Both Revolution And Reaction In Latin American

By Glen Ford, Blackagendareport.com -

The events in Bolivia lay bare the central role that racial subjugation has always played in the “New World,” a hemisphere whose “discovery” by Europeans resulted -- within the span of only 50 [...]

The Federation Of Southern Cooperatives: Economic Justice Through Cooperative Development

By Staff, Sharedcapital.coop -

How many co-ops can claim they were founded directly out of the Civil Rights movement? Or that they prevented a crisis predicted by government statisticians? The Federation of Southern [...]

Looking Back At 1919: Immigration, Race, And Women’s Rights, Then And Now

By Arnold R. Isaacs, Tomdispatch.com -

The blend isn’t exact. Bigotry was expressed much more explicitly a century ago, not in code as it usually is now. Jim Crow laws in the South and other forms of racial segregation in the rest of [...]

Wealth Inequality Across Class and Race

By Matt Bruenig, Peoplespolicyproject.org -

Discussions of wealth inequality are oftentimes muddled by insufficient statistics. You get some stray comparisons of medians or comparisons of the wealthiest 400 families to the least wealthy [...]

You Can’t Design Bike-Friendly Cities Without Considering Race And Class

By Anne Lusk, The Conversation. -

Designing for bikes has become a hallmark of forward-looking modern cities worldwide. Bike-friendly city ratings abound, and advocates promote cycling as a way to reduce problems ranging from air [...]

Charter Schools And Race In New Orleans

By Michael David Raso, Bigeasymagazine.com -

Thursday night, New Orleans public schools as we knew them ended. With a 5-2 vote by the Orleans Parish School Board, the last remaining public high school in New Orleans became its latest [...]

America Has Desegregated In Name Only

By Paul Street, Truthdig.com -

It’s a little-acknowledged reality that housing markets distribute more than mere dwellings. That’s because people’s place in the social order is intimately related to their geographic location [...]

Class And Race In Child Adoption

By Mirah Riben, Dissidentvoice.com -

Despite the illusion of adoption as an altruistic child-saving social service . . .  adoption is deeply imbued in classism, nearly always redistributing children from economically at-risk [...]

Racial Justice And Cooperatives: Q&A With United States Federation Of Worker Cooperatives Director Esteban Kelly

By Robert Raymond, Shareable.net -

The worker cooperative movement seems to be gaining more prominence in the U.S., especially locally. "Altogether worker cooperatives represent a small part of the national economy. However, there [...]

50 Years After The Kerner Commission

By Janelle Jones, John Schmitt, and Valerie Wilson, Epi.org -

The year 1968 was a watershed in American history and black America’s ongoing fight for equality. In April of that year, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis and riots broke out in [...]

5 Facts About Black People In The U.S.

By Kristen Bialik, Pewresearch.org -

For the first time in U.S. history, 90% of Americans ages 25 and older have completed high school, according to the U.S. Census Bureau – and the share of blacks who have done so is also at the [...]

Your Pipeline Fights; Polluting Along Race Lines & Invading White Spaces

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

This week on Act Out! big oil and gas pay a small fine so they can keep on polluting. Next up, YOUR solidarity is needed in an upcoming week of action against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Not in [...]

Defending Radical Black Self-Determination

By Ajamu Baraka, counterpunch.org -

By Ajamu Baraka for Counter Punch - It is absurd and an insult to argue that Russian propaganda efforts “deepen political and racial tensions in the United States,” as proposed by Julia Ioffe in [...]

Racial Wealth Gap Leading To Almost-Nonexistent Middle Class

By Julia Conley, www.mintpressnews.com -

By Julia Conley for Mint Press News - With people of color projected to make up the majority of Americans by 2043, a new study warns against policies that keep many black and Latino households [...]

Racial Inequality Is Hollowing Out America’s Middle Class

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, www.otherwords.org -

By Dedrick Asante-Muhammad and Chuck Collins for Other Words - Since 1983, national median wealth has declined by 20 percent, falling from $73,000 to $64,000 in 2013. And U.S. homeownership has [...]