In Small Black Southern Towns, The Cops Remain Undaunted

By Justin L. Brooks, The American Prospect. -

Almost a year ago, the roaring chants echoed in the streets: Defund the police! Abolish the police! The tide of public opinion spurred some of the nation’s more liberal cities into action. Los [...]

Pandemic Discrimination Against Asian Americans Has Long Roots

By Saurav Sarkar, Labor Notes. -

“I have pepper spray and I hold it every time I’m alone right now in case I see someone that is really frightening,” said New York City teacher Annie Tan, who is Chinese American. By February [...]

Facebooking While Brown

By Lauren Regan and Chava Shapiro, Popular Resistance. -

Page, Arizona – Loren Reed, a 26-year-old Diné (Navajo) man, is set for trial on May 4, 2021 for a trumped-up federal charge of “Threats to Damage and Destroy a Building by Means of Fire” after [...]

How Corporate America Supports Racism, Hatred And Exploitation

By Lee Camp, -

If you’ve been paying even a modicum of attention to the world at large, you’ve noticed that white supremacists constitute a bit of a problem in America. They led an insurrection at our Capitol [...]

Western Media Incite Anti-Asian Racism

By Johua Cho, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

Over the past few weeks, the subject of anti-Asian racism has received an unusual degree of Western media attention, ever since a video showing the January 28 killing of Vicha Ratanapakdee, an [...]

The Answer To Anti-Asian Racism Is Not More Policing

By Kayla Hui, Black Agenda Report. -

This past year of the pandemic has seen a horrifying uptick in anti-Asian violence and hate crimes in the U.S., many targeting the elderly. From Vicha Ratanapakdee, an 84-year old Thai man who [...]

Dominican Wall Of Anti-Haitianism Keeps Neocolonial Inequity Alive

By Danny Shaw, Council on Hemispheric Affairs. -

Like Palestinians in Israel and Latino, Asian and Muslim immigrants in the U.S., Haitians in the Dominican Republic are demeaned, harassed, and victimized in both extraordinary and mundane [...]

National Day Of Protest Against Anti-Asian Racism

By Kenny Cooper, WHYY. -

Responding to the spike in anti-Asian violence, Philadelphia joined scores of communities across the country Saturday in a National Day of Action Against Asian Hate launched by the Act Now to [...]

On Contact: Deep American Roots Of The Atlanta Shootings

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses with journalist and writer May Jeong the deep American roots of the Atlanta shootings. May Jeong’s op-ed, ‘The Deep American Roots of the Atlanta [...]

Establishment Role In Anti-Asian Bigotry

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

Ever since a white Georgia man killed six Asian women and two others in Atlanta, the corporate media have jumped onto the “stop Asian hate” bandwagon as if they are innocent bystanders. It is [...]

New Study: Asian Americans Attacked And Shunned During Pandemic

By Anh Do, LA Times. -

Since coronavirus shutdowns began last March, thousands of Asian Americans have faced racist verbal and physical attacks or have been shunned by others, according to a study released [...]

National Day Of Action March 27: Stop Anti-Asian Violence

By ANSWER Coalition, Popular Resistance. -

The ANSWER Coalition stands in solidarity with the Asian community in the midst of the horrific, racist and misogynist massacre that took place in Atlanta on March 16th. Six Asian women were [...]

A Community-Centered Response To Violence Against Asian Americans

By Organizing Upgrade. -

On March 16, eight people were killed at three different spas in North Georgia including six Asian women. We are heartbroken by these murders, which come at a time when Asian American communities [...]

How The US’ Anti-COVID Efforts Have Been Derailed

By Lee Siu Hin, Action LA. -

Trump loves anyone who makes him look good. When The Epoch Times unites with the  U.S. right-wing forces to make him look like a superstar, he really loves them – that’s the reason the fringe [...]

Scheer Intelligence: Israel Has Always Been A Contradiction

By Robert Scheer, -

Just five years after the state of Israel was founded in 1948, the family of Larry Gross, the former director of the University of Southern California’s  Annenberg School of Communication, moved [...]