They Are Racist; Some Of Them Have Guns. Inside The White Supremacist Group Hiding In Plain Sight.

By Carol Schaeffer and Fritz Zimmermann, -

In the hours after the slaughter in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 3, a final toll emerged: 22 dead, most of them Latinos, some Mexican nationals. A portrait of the gunman accused of killing them soon [...]

Europe’s Greed Is Fueling The Migration Crisis To Europe

By Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute, Globetrotter -

If you ask African migrants in Europe who came across the Mediterranean Sea in a boat if they would make the journey again, most of them would say “yes.” Many of them had been in vans and trucks [...]

Campaign For Community Control Of Police Goes National

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

From November 22 to 24, the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, founded in 1973, will be relaunching itself in Chicago, IL. A major part of the conference will be focused [...]

An Open Letter To Twitter Regarding The Safe Space It’s Created For Nazis

By Barrett Brown, -

This is Barrett Brown. I’m a longtime journalist and the recipient of the National Magazine Award for commentary, the New York Press Club award for humor, the Folio award for best local coverage, [...]

When We Talk About Cultural Appropriation, We Should Be Talking About Power

By Lauren Michele Jackson, -

The word “appropriation” gets a bad rap. Centuries old, it denotes an act of transport—some item or motif or a bit of property changing hands. An artist might appropriate an ancient symbol in a [...]

A Biased Algorithm Is Delaying Health Care For Black People

By Jessica Hamzelou, New Scientist. -

United States - Black people in the US may be missing out on healthcare because a widely used algorithm is racially biased. The proportion of black people referred for extra care would more than [...]

Middle Class Racism

By John Russo and Sherry Linkon, -

What do you picture when someone refers to the “Trump’s base”? If you’ve watched television coverage of his rallies or read any of the dozens of articles in which reporters and commentators try [...]

Minnesotans To Protest Washington Football Team’s Racist Mascot

By Morgan Gstalter, -

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan (D) is joining other Native American leaders on Thursday to protest the “racist” name and mascot of the Washington Redskins ahead of the NFL team’s game against [...]

Nearly 500 Protesters Stage Anti-Columbus Day History Tour At New York Museums

By Zachary Small, -

Rename Columbus Day. Remove the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Respect the ancestors. Decolonize This Place has spent the last four years demanding the same three things from the American Museum of [...]

Resisting Anti-Immigrant Hate In The City Of Big Shoulders

By Teresa Albano, -

Chicago, the City of Big Shoulders, is also the “epicenter for many of the organizations that are undermining America from within.” At least that’s what a far-right media activist wrote in an [...]

Five Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter?

By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, -

The autopsy report confirmed what her neighbors said happened in an apartment complex outside of Houston, Texas. Pamela Turner, a forty-four-year-old grandmother of three, was on the ground, [...]

America’s Last Slave Ship Could Offer A Case For Reparations

By Jay Reeves, -

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) — Alabama steamship owner Timothy Meaher financed the last slave vessel that brought African captives to the United States, and he came out of the Civil War a wealthy man. His [...]

Black Passengers Cited, Punished Disproportionately By Transit Enforcement

By Heidi Groover, Seattle Times. -

Seattle, WA - When fare-enforcement officers board a Sound Transit train, they begin at either end and work their way toward the middle. One by one, passengers tap their ORCA cards on handheld [...]

Hundreds Of Cops Are In Extremist Facebook Groups. Why Haven’t Their Departments Done Anything About It?

By Will Carless, -

Prison guard Geoffery Crosby was a member of more than 50 extremist groups on Facebook, including scores of racist groups dedicated to the Confederacy. Missouri Sheriff’s Deputy Richard Crites [...]

Politicians Agree: ‘Any White Cop Can Kill A Black Man’

By Don Fitz, Popular Resistance. -

In 2017 my article, “Any White Cop Can Kill a Black Man at Any Time,” told how St. Louis cop Jason Stockley killed a 24-year-old black man, Anthony Lamar Smith.  Though Stockley claimed he had [...]