Black And Minority-Owned Businesses Are Denied Virus Relief Funds

By Ama Nundoo, Face 2 Face Africa. -

Many Black and Latino business owners say they are on the verge of losing their businesses because they are currently out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, that may not be the [...]

Minneapolis Protests Police Murder Of George Floyd: Day 2

By Unicorn Riot. -

Protesters are continuing to gather outside the Minneapolis Police (MPD) 3rd Precinct building today after extended protests and clashes with police yesterday. The Twin Cities is still engulfed [...]

Minneapolis Explodes Against The Police

By It's Going Down. -

The Minneapolis Uprising will surely be seen as a turning point in 2020, not only in terms of marking the first large scale grassroots rebellion against the State in the midst of the COVID-19 [...]

A History Of Mutual Aid Has Prepared POC For This Moment

By Myriam Gurba, Remmexcla. -

Southern Solidarity has gone from 24 daily meal distributions to 250. “We’re doing this because capitalism is making survival impossible,” Araujo says. She plans to meet with researchers [...]

Indict And Punish The Perpetrators Of COVID Mass Death

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

Not just Trump, but the whole US ruling class must pay for the mass Covid death toll among Blacks because only the ruling class has the power to systematically allocate life-death chances for [...]

Detroit Students Sued For Literacy And Won

By N. Jamiyla Chiscolm, Color Lines. -

The hard-fought, four-year Gary B. literacy case, in which seven Black students in Detroit sued the state of Michigan in 2016 to improve the school system and literacy access, was settled on May [...]

May 30 Day Of Action: Stop Racist Murder And Violence

By the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. -

We will be protesting to stop the racist murder and violence that this administration has willfully unleashed. Not only is the government standing by as COVID-19 ravages African American, Latinx, [...]

Pushing Back Against Habits Of White Supremacy During A Crisis

By Kad Smith, CompassPoint. -

It should be no surprise that White Supremacy habits are hard to break. In fact, as I’ve stared at this blog post over the last few days, the habit of perfectionism has deterred me from feeling [...]

No Justice, No Peace! Time To Confront The US Rogue State

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

For the people of the world, it is quite clear the United States is the primary threat to global peace. It is also clear to us it doesn’t matter who physically sits in the white people’s house [...]

Facing Down Bigotry—And A Pandemic

By Janice Li and Svante Myrick, Otherwords. -

The pandemic has laid bare racism against Asian communities that some might have thought was a thing of the past. That awareness will inform our policymaking in the future. Our network is in [...]

How The Weapons Of White Supremacy Wiped Out The Afro Argentines

By the Pan-African Alliance. -

The easiest way to understand a complex system like white supremacy is to see that system in action. When it comes to the multifaceted system that is white supremacy, we should look at a nation [...]

Racism And The National Soul

By Robert C. Koehler, Common Wonder. -

“Black folks need more than a trial and a verdict. Our problems are deeper, rooted not in the details of a particular case, but in distrust of the system charged with protecting us and punishing [...]

The MOVE House Bombing 35 Years Later

By John Leslie, Socialist Resurgence. -

May 13, 2020, is the 35th anniversary of the day Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a home in a working-class neighborhood. The resulting conflagration and police gunfire killed 11 people, [...]

81 Percent Of NYPD Social Distancing Summons Were To Black Or Latinx People

By James Gordon, Daily Mail. -

New York City - Black and Hispanic people appear to be feeling the brunt of the NYPD’s force when it comes to the enforcement of social distancing measures in New York City. Data released by [...]

Protests Over Delay In Arresting Two Men Who Murdered Ahmaud Arbery

By Dustin Chambers, Reuters. -

Brunswick, Georgia - Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of a Georgia courthouse on Friday to decry the killing of an unarmed black man [Ahmaud Arbery] in February and the delay in charging [...]