NY Times Is Blind To Police Problems With White Supremacists

By Natasha Lennard, The Intercept -

The New York Times tells a story about law enforcement failing and struggling to deal with white supremacy. The elephant in the room, unmentioned by reporter Janet Reitman or any of the sources [...]

Undocumented Black Migrants Build An Informal Organizing Network

By Carla Pineda, Law at the Margins -

Undocumented black migrants are building an informal network to help each other navigate their uncertain immigration status in the U.S. While they are inclined to share immigration information by [...]

Is There Really A ‘Militia Caravan’ Traveling South To Protect US Border From Marching Migrants?

By Igor Ogorodnev, Rt.com -

Most media outlets have published as fact claims that vigilante groups incited by Donald Trump are organizing themselves to confront the migrant caravan, but the story appears to be based on [...]

Armed Militia Groups Head To The Border, Sparking Military Concerns

By Mary Papenfuss, Huffingtonpost.com -

Armed bands of civilian militia members are traveling to the southern U.S. border, where President Donald Trump has ordered thousands of active-duty troops to rebuff the approaching migrant [...]

Trump’s Call To ‘Protect’ Border Reactivates Vigilante Militias

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

Armed anti-immigration groups of civilian volunteers have been reactivated at the call of President Donald Trump to protect the U.S. from the “invasion” of Central American asylum-seekers, and [...]

Civil Rights And Voter Suppression In The US

By Meghan Tinsley, Open Democracy -

Voter suppression as one component of the state’s wide-ranging efforts to prevent people of color from claiming their rights as citizens. Those efforts, in turn, stem from the state’s fear that [...]

It’s Time To Go On The Offensive Against Racism

By George Lakey, Wagingnonviolence.org -

When I read this in the morning paper, my heart stopped: Just 40 minutes away from me, the white mother of black children in New Jersey was repeatedly harassed via Facebook by a stranger, who [...]

The Cult Of Trump

By Chris Hedges, Truthdig.com -

Cult leaders arise from decayed communities and societies in which people have been shorn of political, social and economic power. The disempowered, infantilized by a world they cannot control, [...]

West Point Can’t Hide Its Reverence For The Confederacy

By Spenser Rapone, Truthdig.com -

Charlottesville, Va., triggered a movement. In the wake of a 2017 white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally that left one dead and several injured, activists across the country have worked [...]

Israel Invokes Its “Fight for Survival” As It Descends Into a Racist State

By Miko Peled, Mintpressnews.com -

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has confirmed that over 100 Palestinians were killed in a single day during the 30th March of Return held October 19, and yet the Israeli government is [...]

Black Liberation Activist Freed After 40 Years In Prison

By Staff, Telesurtv.net -

After 40 years in prison, Mike Africa Sr., of the Black liberation group, Move, has been released on parole. Africa is the second member of the group to be released. His wife, Debbie Sims Africa, [...]

Dual War And Repression: Domestic And Foreign Policy On Black People

By Netfa Freeman, Theinternationalcommittee.org -

Parallel tracks of US government policy against the Black working class in the US and on the African continent expose much more than incidental similarity but a concerted fatal conspiracy. For [...]

Court: Non-Unanimous Jury Verdict Unconstitutional Based On Racism

By Kevin Gosztola and Brian Sonenstein, Shadowproof.com -

A district court in Louisiana ruled the state’s use of non-unanimous juries is unconstitutional and violates the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. The court found the “non-unanimous [...]

Why We Need To Understand U.S. Imperialism

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The United States has been at war or involved in military aggression for all but a few years since its founding. This is not surprising when we understand that the US is the largest empire in the [...]

3 Florida Ex-Cops Sentenced In Scheme To Frame Innocent Black People

By David Lohr, Huffingtonpost.com -

The former Biscayne Park police officers had pleaded guilty in a department conspiracy to clear property crime cases by any means necessary. Three former Florida police officers were sent to [...]