How Should We Protest Neo-Nazis? Lessons From German History

By Laurie Marhoefer, The Conversation -

What to do? One solution: Hold a counterevent that doesn’t involve physical proximity to the right extremists. The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a helpful guide. Among its [...]

Surprise Torch March & Rally By White Nationalists In Charlottesville

By Doha Madani , -

By Doha Madani for Huffington Post. Less than two months after violence broke out at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacists returned to Emancipation Park on [...]

Dockworkers Show Labor Movement How To Shut Down Fascists

By Peter Cole , -

By Peter Cole In These Times. Patriot Prayer is a right-wing organization with a demonstrated history of inciting racist violence, most obviously in Portland, Ore., while ironically asserting [...]