How We Got The Bikini And Learned To Hate The Bomb

By Gerry Condon, Popular Resistance. -

On March 1, 1954, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Department of Defense exploded a huge thermonuclear bomb on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, where they had been testing bombs [...]

Fishermen Oppose ‘Catastrophic’ Release Of Fukushima Water To Ocean

By Reuters. -

Tokyo - Japanese fish industry representatives on Thursday urged the government not to allow the release at sea of tonnes of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant, saying it would [...]

Atomic Bomb Survivors Transformed Our Understanding Of Radiation’s Impacts

By Dennis Normile, Science Magazine. -

Hiroshima, Japan - Kunihiko Iida wants the world to know that the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago next month are still claiming lives and causing [...]

Cyprus Launches Cell Phone & Wireless Radiation Awareness Campaign

By Staff, -

Cyprus has launched an awareness campaign to educate the public on how to reduce wireless radiation exposures.  The campaign includes large scale signs on pubic buses with the slogan “Don’t [...]

Fukushima Plant Releasing 770,000 Tons Radioactive Water Into Ocean

By Dahr Jamail, -

By Dahr Jamail for TruthOut. When Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a triple-core meltdown in March 2011 as the result of devastating earthquake, most people had no idea this was [...]

California Court Upholds Berkeley Cellphone Warning

By Derrick Broze, -

By Derrick Broze for Activist Post - On Friday, a Ninth Circuit panel of judges ruled in favor of a Berkeley, California law which requires retailers to display warnings about the possibility of [...]

Residents In St Louis Dying In Record Numbers From WWII Radiation

By Matt Young, -

By Matt Young for News - For decades, both former and current residents from approximately 90 municipalities in the Missouri city were diagnosed with a long list of life-threatening illnesses, [...]

Fukushima Radiation: Thyroid Cancer Rises Among Children

By Elizabeth Shim, -

By Elizabeth Shim for UPI - TOKYO, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- Fukushima radiation has been linked to a surge in thyroid cancer among children near the disaster area, and radiation woes have reach South [...]

NYC Using Military X-Ray Vans To Spy On People

By Conor Friedersdorf, -

By Conor Friederdorf for The Atlantic - Dystopian truth is stranger than dystopian fiction. In New York City, the police now maintain an unknown number of military-grade vans outfitted with X-ray [...]

Nuclear Power’s Insanities: Taxpayer-Guaranteed

By The Nader Page, -

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) – the corporate lobbyist in Washington, D.C. for the disintegrating atomic power industry – doesn’t have to worry about repercussions from the negative impacts [...]

Fukushima: We’ve Opened The Gates Of Hell

By Washington's Blog, -

Preface: we’ve written thousands of articles on Fukushima and radiation. But this post will spotlight recent articles from EneNews … with which we have no affiliation of any nature [...]

“Tokyo Should No Longer Be Inhabited”

By Staff, -

It is clear that Eastern Japan and Metropolitan Tokyo have been contaminated with radiation. Contamination of the soil can be shown by measuring Bq/kg. Within the 23 districts of Metropolitan [...]

The West Doesn’t Need Nuclear For Energy Independence

By Paul Hockenos, -

Some of the most confounding problems of our day — global warming and the West’s energy dependence on Russia and the Middle East — appear to President Barack Obama and some of Europe’s leaders to [...]

Will Fracking Cause Our Next Nuclear Disaster?

By Dahr Jamail, -

The idea of storing radioactive nuclear waste inside a hollowed-out salt cavern might look good on paper. The concept is to carve out the insides of the caverns, deep underground, then carefully [...]

News Flash: Fukushima Is Still A Disaster

By Harvey Wasserman, -

The corporate media silence on Fukushima has been deafening even though the melted-down nuclear power plant’s seaborne radiation is now washing up on American beaches. Ever more radioactive [...]

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