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‘Defend The Sacred’ Rally At Alaska Federation Of Natives In Anchorage

Anchorage, Alaska – A large crowd gathered and rallied outside the Annual Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) convention Thursday afternoon around a large hand-painted banner that read “Defend the Sacred: Extraction is NOT our way of life”.  The rally was organized by a coalition of Alaska Native groups to connect the growing crisis of environmental and community health impacts of the extraction industry on Indigenous communities around the State. Host organizations included,  United Tribes of Bristol Bay, Mother Kuskokwim, Native Movement and Grandmothers Growing Goodness.

Turning Up The Pressure For Integration, NYC Students Plan Citywide School Boycott

It’s been more than two months since New York City students began boycotts at a different school campus each week. They’ve walked out of class to demand Mayor Bill de Blasio integrate one of the country’s most segregated school systems. Students went on strike at one Manhattan campus to protest admissions practices that had segregated them into different schools within the same building.

Sex Workers Rally For Labor Rights On International Whores’ Day

Washington, DC–Sex workers rallied for equal rights on Saturday at Eastern Market, an upscale neighborhood near the U.S. Capitol. They demanded DC Council officially recognize them with workers’ protections and pass a bill to decriminalize sex work. About 75 attended the rally, including allies and supporters. Speakers related their experiences and explained how equality and legal recognition would help protect them. The rallies came amidst an uptick of violent attacks against sex workers in the nation’s capital and across the country. Shareese Mone, an advocate with End Violence Against Sex Workers, December 17, said that sex workers included a broad range of folx who were human and deserved respect like everyone else.

Workers, Activists Mark May Day with Defiant Rallies

Thousands of Greeks are marching through central Athens in at least three separate May Day demonstrations. Museums were also shut while ferries remain were tied up in port and public transport operated on a reduced schedule in strikes marking labor day. Police said at least 7,000 people were at the first demonstration in Athens, which was organized by a communist party-led union. The protesters marched by parliament and headed up a major avenue to the United States Embassy. Another four demonstrations were planned in Greece’s second largest city of Thessaloniki in the north. Trains, the suburban railway, urban trolleys and ferries to and from the islands suspended operations for the day, while buses and the Athens metro system were operating on reduced schedules

Athens Rally Moment Of Truth For Greeks Under Thumb Of EU-Imposed Austerity

ATHENS, GREECE (Analysis) – Hundreds of thousands of Greeks took to the streets of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, on Sunday, January 21, in a mass rally opposing a compromise on the part of the Greek government regarding the Macedonia name dispute with Greece’s northern neighbor, temporarily recognized by the United Nations as the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” (FYROM). As talks between the governments of Greece and FYROM have progressed, seemingly out of the blue and after a very long period of dormancy, a significant percentage of the populace in Greece is seizing the opportunity to participate in the first large-scale street demonstrations in the country since the days leading up to July 5, 2015 referendum rejecting an austerity proposal put forth by Greece’s creditors.

Hundreds Of Simultaneous Rallies In Catalonia “For Democracy”

By Guifré Jordan for Catalan News - Hundreds of town squares in Catalonia have been filled by crowds of people wanting to defend “democracy” this Sunday morning. The main pro-independence organizations in the country arranged demonstrations in hundreds of towns in order to stand up for the referendum. In some of them, protesters hung pro-referendum posters in a challenge to Spain, which has branded as illegal any act to promote the vote. In Barcelona some 1 million official ballots were distributed by rally organizers and students. This is yet an even bigger challenge, after the Spanish prosecutor has set its focus on the entities calling people to protest last Wednesday, after the raids of some 20 government buildings. “The Spanish government are acting the same as the Franco dictatorship.” Some 100,000 ballots were distributed outside the main Barcelona University building and the rest given away in several squares of the Catalan capital. One of the highlights of the rally in Barcelona was the Catalan Parliament president’s unexpected visit. “The Spanish government talks about democracy, but they are acting the same as the Franco dictatorship,” she said to the crowd. “They think that by putting us away they'll be done with our ideas, but democracy will always triumph,” she added.

Thousands Rally Outside Court To Demand Release Of Arrested Officials

By Staff of Catalan News - Around 20,000 thousand demonstrators take the Barcelona streets yet again. Thousands gathered outside the department of Economy in a spontaneous rally yesterday in order to reject the anti-referendum police operation. It lasted almost 24 hours, and with almost no rest, some protesters started a new demonstration this Thursday at noon. The aim of this new rally is not only to refuse the raids again, but also to demand the release of the dozen high-ranking Catalan officials still being held. The Catalan Parliament president took part in the event and chanted “we are not afraid” to the crowd, who repeated the chant. “It does not bite, it is a ballot box,” the demonstrators also chanted. The Catalan secretary of Economy also joined the event. Some major pro-independence organizations hosted the rally, including the Catalan National Assembly (ANC in Catalan). Its president, Jordi Sànchez, said that “there is no democrat in Catalonia who is not embarrassed about what judges and Spain’s Guardia Civil did yesterday”. He also said that after “the despicable performance of the Spanish State against the Catalan government yesterday, they crossed all the acceptable lines, nothing will be the same from yesterday”.

Trump Fans Just Held The ‘Mother Of All Rallies’

By Colin Taylor for Verified Politics - Around 150 – 200 people showed up for a rally that was billed as a crowd of “millions,” drawing the usual assortment of racist idiots like rape apologist Gavin McInnes’ “Proud Boys” and the Three Percenter “sovereign citizen” militiamen. The MOAR wasn’t even the only rally in Washington D.C. today. The MAGA chuds were overshadowed by the March of the Juggalos, the fans of the “Insane Clown Posse” hip-hop group known for their clown face-paint, their love for Faygo soda, and their hatred for fascists and Confederates. The Juggalos are marching to protest their unfair designation as a “gang” by the FBI, which has made life very difficult for some prominent Juggalo fans, including making it harder for them to get jobs. Warriors for civil rights in general, the unifying tenet of the Juggalo Family is tolerance for everybody, no matter their race, sexuality, class, or gender, all united in their love for the music of ICP. It is beyond outrageous that the FBI has labeled them a “dangerous” gang.

In Massive ‘Outpouring Of Solidarity,’ Thousands Rally For Charlottesville

By Jake Johnson for Common Dreams - "Tonight, we mourn. Tomorrow, we continue to fight, harder than ever." Thousands of Americans in cities across the country rallied Sunday night to denounce the racism displayed at the so-called "Unite the Right" rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, and to mourn the death of Heather Heyer, an activist who was killed Saturday during an anti-racist demonstration. "This attack is a reminder of the nation's darkest heritage; the outpouring of solidarity following is a reminder of its best." —Ben Wikler, MoveOn.orgJames Alex Fields Jr.—who was charged with second-degree murder after he plowed his car into a crowd of demonstrators, killing Heyer and injuring around two dozen others—has been characterized by one of his former teachers as a Nazi sympathizer. Following the deadly attack, activist groups mobilized rapidly, planning vigils and "Solidarity with Charlottesville" events throughout the nation. According to a map Indivisible shared with Vox, nearly 700 events were scheduled in a matter of hours.

Dozens Return To Rally At State House For Safety Study

By Staff of We Are Cove Point - On Monday July 3, 2017, a few dozen people gathered again outside the State House in Annapolis to urge Governor Hogan not to turn his back on the people of Southern Maryland. A week and a half ago, Governor Hogan’s office finally responded to our request for a safety study, known formally as a Quantitative Risk Assessment or QRA, for the gas refinery, power plant and export terminal being built by Virginia-based Dominion Energy in the neighborhood of Cove Point with a resounding, “No.” The news has been a great disappointment to say the least, but We Are Cove Point and allies are not giving up the fight. Given the gas explosion yesterday in Lancaster, PA that shredded an entire house beyond recognition, killing one man and injuring three people, anxiety levels ran high at the rally today. If one small gas pipe can destroy a house, damage surrounding homes and be felt miles away, the thought of what a 410,000 gallon tank of propane and other large tanks of chemicals to be stored in Cove Point could do is terrifying. A group of five, including Jeff Dixon who lives close to the facility, Craig Stevens, an anti-fracking activist from Pennsylvania and Dr. Margaret Flowers of Baltimore, a resident of Annapolis and a resident of North Beach, went into the State House to deliver a letter to the Governor asking that he reconsider his refusal to order a safety study.

Liberals Rally For ‘Truth’ On Trump And Russia

By Staff of The Real News Network - We did not report on March for Truth rallies that occurred in many cities recently because we did not see them as real resistance. These rallies sought investigation, prosecution and impeachment for RussiaGate and seemed to us to be organized by the Democratic Party and allied partisan non-profits. They were about as real as the so-called resistance of which Hillary Clinton now claims participate in. We have warned since the beginning of the Trump presidency that the problems of the United States are bigger than Donald Trump and that he is a symptom of a failed economic and political system where a mirage democracy hides an oligarchy, which now is becoming a kleptocracy. Trump should be protested, but we need to recognize that replacing Trump with a mainstream Democrat (the only type the party will allow to be nominated) will not solve the problems the country is facing. We need to end US empire and Wall Street-dominated politics in order to create a government that puts the people’s interests first. That means challenging the bi-partisan Wall Street and war parties...

Heavily Armed Left-Wing Group Shows Up At Pro-Trump Rally

By Jacob Steinblatt for Vocativ - A heavily armed left-wing group, the John Brown Gun Club, made a surprise appearance over the weekend at a pro-Trump rally being held in Phoenix, Arizona with a conciliatory message for supporters of the president. About two dozen men and women armed with a variety of rifles stood beside the march in downtown Phoenix, in order to both show their opposition to the Trump administration and its policies, and to appeal to supporters of President Trump as fellow members of the working class. The group describes itself as largely white and working class, with the ultimate goal of “total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, [or] nationality.”

Medical Students Rally In Philly For Single-Payer Option

By Mensah M. Dean for Philly News - While political heavyweights in Washington slug it out over the merits of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) compared with its newly proposed replacement American Health Care Act (Trumpcare), a group of future doctors from across the country huddled Saturday in Philadelphia to advocate and strategize for an altogether different health insurance option. Most of the 200 medical students who gathered at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine building for the sixth annual summit of Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) said they think Obamacare is inadequate because it leaves an estimated 26 million Americans without health insurance

Hundreds Rally For Science At Demonstration Near AAAS Meeting

By Lindzi Wessel for Science -BOSTON--Hundreds of science supporters gathered here in Copley Square this afternoon at a rally coinciding with the annual meeting of AAAS, which publishes Science. Ralliers chose the meeting—the first major gathering of scientists since Trump took office—as an opportune moment to demonstrate that the science community plans to fight recent policies that many see as dangerous to the role of science in society. “We scientists want to send a message to Mr. Trump, and that’s that America runs on science,” Geoffrey Supran, a postdoctoral fellow studying energy modeling at MIT and science history at Harvard, tells Science. “Neither scientists nor citizens are going to stand idly by while the administration peddles anti-science rhetoric and alternative facts.”

Mothers Demand Commonsense Gun Laws In 200 Rallies In 47 States

By Pamela Weymouth for Social Earth - Orange is the color that hunters wear in the woods to avoid being shot by accident. Orange was the color worn by the mourning friends of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old Chicago student who was shot and killed only one week after performing with her high school band at President Obama’s second inaugural parade. Orange has become the color of a movement to end gun violence in America. It is the color that marched across our country on National Gun Violence Awareness day, on June 2, to stop more children from being shot.
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