Survivor-Led Guerrilla Teach-In Highlights Rape Culture In Progressive Spaces

By Staff, Unicornriot. ninja -

Minneapolis, MN – In April 2017, in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, a direct action took place inside a local progressive cafe. The guerrilla teach-in was conducted in response to cafe [...]

On Gaza, Israel, and Hamas: an Open Letter To Bill Maher

By Dennis Trainor Jr, -

Dearest Bill: Like most men who find themselves in the admittedly unenviable position of having a woman trying to kill you I’ll wager that the amount of time you have spent searching your soul [...]

Cecily McMillan Speaks Out On Abuse Endured During Arrest

By Kira Brekke, -

The Occupy Wall Street protester who was jailed for elbowing an officer in the face was released just last Wednesday, and she is now speaking out about the brutality she faced while incarcerated. [...]