US Soldiers And Contractors Rape 54 Girls In Colombia And Sell The Videos That Show Their Crimes

By Staff, Cubadebate, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

U.S. soldiers and contractors raped at least 54 Colombian girls between 2003 and 2007 in this Latin American country, recorded most of these abuses on video and sold them as pornographic [...]

Women Protest Raping Spree By Burning Police Station In Mexico

By Johnny Hazard, -

About two thousand people, mostly young women (many of whom identify themselves as anarcofeministas), marched and rampaged through the Zona Rosa area of Mexico City on Friday, August 16. This was [...]

India: Nationwide Protests To Demand Justice For Rape Victims

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Angry protesters rally across cities calling for justice after an eight-year-old Kashmiri girl was fatally gang-raped. Thousands of Indians have taken to the streets to join nationwide protests [...]

Survivor-Led Guerrilla Teach-In Highlights Rape Culture In Progressive Spaces

By Staff, Unicornriot. ninja -

Minneapolis, MN – In April 2017, in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, a direct action took place inside a local progressive cafe. The guerrilla teach-in was conducted in response to cafe [...]

Police Reportedly Claim A Brooklyn Teen Consented To Sex In Custody

By Natasha Lennard, -

By Natasha Lennard for The Intercept - ON SEPTEMBER 28, attorney Michael David filed notice of a claim against the New York Police Department, the City of New York, and two unnamed police [...]

Leaked DOJ Memo Recommends Considering Victims’ Sexual History In Rape Cases

By Emily Wells, -

By Emily Wells for Truth Dig - The policy would directly contradict the 1994 Violence Against Women Act’s rape shield laws, which are designed to prevent defendants from introducing victims’ [...]

DOJ Investigating Violence And Rape Inside Alabama Men’s Prisons

By Kent Faulk, -

By Kent Faulk for Alabama Media Group - The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into violence, rape, overcrowding and other problems within the men's prisons in Alabama, the [...]

The Woman Tracking Rape In College Football When No One Else Will

By Leila Ettachfini, -

By Leila Ettachfini for Broadly - From Steubenville to Vanderbilt, stories of rape culture and football repeatedly made local and national headlines in the last couple of years. Though problems [...]

Okinawan Women Demand US Forces Leave After Rape & Murder

By Takazato Suzuyo, -

By Takazato Suzuyo for The Asian-Pacific Journal - A 20-year-old woman missing since late April was found dead on May 16, 2016. The suspect is a former Marine who is a civilian employee of the [...]

Students Protest Potential Punishment Of Rape Victim

By Daniel Hernandez, -

By Daniel Hernandez for The Guardian - Students rallied outside Brigham Young University on Wednesday to protest the school’s treatment of sexual assault victims, calling for revisions to the [...]

US Jury Sentences Rapist Cop To Over 100 Years In Prison

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with 36 counts of sexual assault involving more than a dozen women. A jury in the U.S. state of Oklahoma late Thursday [...]

Protests And Outrage Force Campus Rape Into Spotlight

By Lauren McCauley, -

The national problem of campus sexual assault has in recent days been jolted into the spotlight as the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia grapples with demonstrations and [...]

‘Carry That Weight’ National Day Of Action At Columbia And Beyond

By Caroline Andrews and Emma Jones , -

More than 150 Columbia students, faculty, and community members gathered on Low Steps on Wednesday holding mattresses, pillows, and signs to rally against the University’s handling of sexual [...]

Report: Women Sexually Abused In Prisons

By Middle East Monitor, -

YouTube clip from Al-Jazeera entitled: A catastrophic report exposes cases of rape inside military prisons. One girl was raped 14 times. Presenter: The delegation submitted a general report about [...]

Should Women Apologize for Abortion?

It’s been over 40 years since the Supreme Court decided, in Roe v Wade, that women have a constitutional right to abortion. The legal argument was based around the concept that women had a right [...]