India: Nationwide Protests To Demand Justice For Rape Victims

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Angry protesters rally across cities calling for justice after an eight-year-old Kashmiri girl was fatally gang-raped. Thousands of Indians have taken to the streets to join nationwide protests [...]

Survivor-Led Guerrilla Teach-In Highlights Rape Culture In Progressive Spaces

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Minneapolis, MN – In April 2017, in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, a direct action took place inside a local progressive cafe. The guerrilla teach-in was conducted in response to cafe [...]

Police Reportedly Claim A Brooklyn Teen Consented To Sex In Custody

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By Natasha Lennard for The Intercept - ON SEPTEMBER 28, attorney Michael David filed notice of a claim against the New York Police Department, the City of New York, and two unnamed police [...]

Leaked DOJ Memo Recommends Considering Victims’ Sexual History In Rape Cases

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By Emily Wells for Truth Dig - The policy would directly contradict the 1994 Violence Against Women Act’s rape shield laws, which are designed to prevent defendants from introducing victims’ [...]

DOJ Investigating Violence And Rape Inside Alabama Men’s Prisons

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By Kent Faulk for Alabama Media Group - The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into violence, rape, overcrowding and other problems within the men's prisons in Alabama, the [...]

The Woman Tracking Rape In College Football When No One Else Will

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By Leila Ettachfini for Broadly - From Steubenville to Vanderbilt, stories of rape culture and football repeatedly made local and national headlines in the last couple of years. Though problems [...]

Okinawan Women Demand US Forces Leave After Rape & Murder

By Takazato Suzuyo, -

By Takazato Suzuyo for The Asian-Pacific Journal - A 20-year-old woman missing since late April was found dead on May 16, 2016. The suspect is a former Marine who is a civilian employee of the [...]

Students Protest Potential Punishment Of Rape Victim

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By Daniel Hernandez for The Guardian - Students rallied outside Brigham Young University on Wednesday to protest the school’s treatment of sexual assault victims, calling for revisions to the [...]

US Jury Sentences Rapist Cop To Over 100 Years In Prison

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By Staff of Tele Sur - Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with 36 counts of sexual assault involving more than a dozen women. A jury in the U.S. state of Oklahoma late Thursday [...]

Protests And Outrage Force Campus Rape Into Spotlight

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The national problem of campus sexual assault has in recent days been jolted into the spotlight as the Charlottesville campus of the University of Virginia grapples with demonstrations and [...]

‘Carry That Weight’ National Day Of Action At Columbia And Beyond

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More than 150 Columbia students, faculty, and community members gathered on Low Steps on Wednesday holding mattresses, pillows, and signs to rally against the University’s handling of sexual [...]

Report: Women Sexually Abused In Prisons

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YouTube clip from Al-Jazeera entitled: A catastrophic report exposes cases of rape inside military prisons. One girl was raped 14 times. Presenter: The delegation submitted a general report about [...]

Should Women Apologize for Abortion?

It’s been over 40 years since the Supreme Court decided, in Roe v Wade, that women have a constitutional right to abortion. The legal argument was based around the concept that women had a right [...]