Berlin: Protests Against End Of ‘Rent Cap’ And Real Estate Swindlers

By Gregor Link, WSWS. -

The repeal of the Berlin “rent cap” by the Supreme Court means massive rent increases, arrears payments and poverty for hundreds of thousands of people. The ruling, which exacerbates homelessness [...]

Tens Of Millions In Florida Properties Linked To Ecuadorian Candidate

By Jake Johnston, CEPR. -

In March 2017, ahead of Ecuador’s second-round presidential election, CEPR reported that Florida-based shell companies linked to then-candidate Guillermo Lasso owned 144 properties in Broward and [...]

Vulture Funds To Use Pandemic To Pillage The Global Economy

By Matthew Ponsford and Ruairi Casey, Tribune Magazine. -

There’s a new app with a tagline that promises that you, too, can ‘profit like a landlord from just £1 with no effort’. Proptee, set to launch this year (subject to approval from the UK’s [...]

Hoodwinked: How Wall Street And Big Real Estate Turned Anti-Discrimination Policies Against Blacks

By Julia Thomas, -

In 1970, Janice Johnson, a Black single mother in Philadelphia, was facing eviction from an old apartment building condemned by the city. She was desperately seeking a place for her and her [...]

Israel Agents Sell Millions Worth In Illegal Properties In West Bank

By Ben Norton, -

By Ben Norton in Mondoweiss - Over 20 agents for the real estate corporation RE/MAX Israel, working in at least eight offices, are selling many millions of dollars worth of illegal properties in [...]

The Oligarch Recovery: $100 Million Homes Being Built

By Michael Krieger, -

More developers and investors are racing to build increasingly lavish homes on spec. Built on prime lots with master suites larger than most homes and spas and entertainment spaces comparable [...]

Activists Mobilize For Right To Counsel In Eviction

By Eleanor J. Bader, -

Indeed, the imperative to provide free legal representation to indigent and low-income tenants not only has the support of CASA, but also of dozens of community agencies and legal services [...]

How The Iraq War Financed A Beltway Real Estate Boom

By Ken Silverstein, -

Back in the DC real estate doldrums of the mid-1990s, before he helped pave the way for war in Iraq, Stephen Rademaker owned a modest condo in Arlington, Va. Then, a few years later, as a [...]

California Trial Places Mortgage Blame On Bankers

By Alexander Reed Kelly, -

In an “unprecedented” trial that challenges the Obama administration’s official position on who was responsible for the 2008 financial meltdown, a Sacramento jury in late August thwarted a [...]