Unrest In Kenosha Didn’t Come Out Of Thin Air

By Eddie Conway, The Real News. -

Eddie: A study in 2013 shows that Wisconsin incarcerated more black men than any other state in the United States in spite of the fact that the black population is only 6.5%. Also, Wisconsin has [...]

Denver: Anti-Racist Organizers Released After A Week In Jail

By People's Dispatch. -

Three organizers from the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) – Lillian House, Eliza Lucero and Joel Northam – who were arrested on trumped up charges in connection with anti-racist protests [...]

Mass Arrests At Protests Over Decision Not To Charge Police In Breonna Taylor Killing

By Jaisal Noor, The Real News. -

At least 127 protesters were arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, after the grand jury ruling that none of the officers involved in the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor would be directly [...]

Portland Protests, The Fire And Organizing Eviction Defense

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Portland, Oregon is one of the epicenters of the rebellion against police violence that broke out after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Portland has a long history of racism and [...]

Police Operation Arrests Anti-Racist Organizers

By Liberation News. -

Aurora, CO - Police agencies in the Denver area arrested anti-racist organizers in a coordinated assault today. People were arrested in a Home Depot parking lot, at their homes, and after they [...]

Life In The US Has The Hallmarks Of A “Low-Grade War Zone”

By Patrick Farnsworth, Truthout. -

Countless red flags have sprung up in recent months indicating a creeping authoritarianism coming into full form. Vigilante forms of far right “justice” have become commonplace, as in [...]

On Contact: New Black Militancy

On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses the rise of the new black militancy with film director and producer Mobolaji Olambiwonnu. "The police murders of young black men and women in the [...]

Scheer Intelligence: How Today’s Uprisings Compare To The 1960s Rebellions

By Robert Scheer, ScheerPost.com. -

The 1960s live on in U.S. memory as an era of counterculture rebellions and the civil rights movement that changed the course of the nation’s history. The mass uprisings that took place from [...]

September 19: A Nationwide Day Of Protest

By Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report. -

Despite the unprecedented wave of “Justice for George Floyd” protests that put more than 20 million people in the streets in every region of the nation in June, and the appearance of “Black Lives [...]

Witness: Officers Never Gave Commands Before Killing Michael Reinoehl

By Maxine Bernstein, Oregon Live. -

Officers who first confronted Michael Forest Reinoehl outside an apartment complex in Washington last week yelled no warnings or commands before firing and killing the Oregon man wanted on a [...]

Militant Protests Ongoing In Rochester

By Hannah Dickinson, Liberation News. -

On Sep. 2 a news conference held by Free the People ROC and the family of Daniel T. Prude announced that Prude, a 41-year old Black man, had been killed by the Rochester Police Department on [...]

Washington State Police Target Black March Organizers With Arrests

By Nathalie Graham, The Stranger. -

On Friday morning the Washington State Patrol (WSP) arrested nine people on suspicion of disorderly conduct during a protest that shut down the southbound lanes of I-5, congested Seattle streets, [...]

Connecting Beyond The Height Of Emergency

By Anoa Changa, Prism. -

Three months ago, protests in Minneapolis gave way to a national uprising. Ushering in a new focus on racial justice, the uprisings have challenged the way people relate to one another and how [...]

On Contact: Public Monuments And Racism

n the show this week, Chris Hedges, in his second interview with Professor James W Loewen, discusses public monuments and statues, who puts them up and why, and what may replace them. Prof Loewen [...]

Doctors Decry ‘Less Lethal’ Police Munitions

By Alexandra Kelley, The Hill. -

A group of doctors from the Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas, Austin penned a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine to warn of the dangers of police’s [...]