Are Ordinary People In The United States Screwed? My Reply

By Jack Rasmus on his website. -

In short, the policies since 2008–both Obama’s and Trump’s–for ten years now have been subsidizing the rich, the elites, the owners of capital incomes like never before in US history. Tax cuts [...]

America Traded One Recession For A Far More Serious One

By Michael E. Porter, -

The headline economic indicators – GDP growth, the unemployment rate, the stock market — all say that the United States is in the midst of a sustained economic expansion that was slow to develop [...]

Trump’s Tax Cuts, Budget And Deficits: Recession 2019?

By Jack Rasmus, -

Trump tax cuts and Trump’s budget will exacerbate U.S. budget deficits and debt and cause the central bank to raise interest rates even faster and higher. Lies and misrepresentation of facts have [...]

Amid Warnings Of Financial Crash, Fed Chair Promotes Illusions

By Nick Beams, -

By Nick Beams for World Socialist Web Site. Wyoming (August 26, 2017) - Yesterday’s speech by Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen to the conclave of central bankers at Jackson Hole, Wyoming [...]

Workers Celebrate 20 Years Of Shared Bread And Ownership

By Misty Dawn Spicer-Sitzes, -

By Misty Dawn Spicer-Sitzes for Shareable. Workers in California are taking economic change into their own hands. The Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives is one of the shining examples of how [...]

An Inequality Double-Whammy

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Inequality - Inequality doesn’t cause every problem in our world today. Inequality just makes every problem worse. Big problems especially. Like recessions. We’ve known for [...]

Is The US Economy Heading For Recession?

By Jack Rasmus, -

By Jack Rasmus for Telesur. This past week the U.S. government announced the contry’s economy rose in the January-March 2016 at a mere 0.5 percent annual growth rate. Since the U.S., unlike other [...]

2016 Crash Begins – This Time Isn’t Different

By Tyler Durden, -

By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge. The reckless herd has been in control for the last few years, but their recklessness is going to get them slaughtered. Corporate profits are plunging. Labor [...]

The Collapse Of Black Wealth

By Jamelle Bouie, -

How the recession turned owners into renters and obliterated black American wealth. In 2005, three years before the Great Recession, the median black household had a net worth of $12,124. Yes, [...]

Latest Jobs And Housing Reports Show Americans Are Struggling More Than Ever

By Steven Rosenfeld, -

The latest nationwide jobs and housing statistics released this week suggest that America is no longer a country where—for most people—the future is going to be better than the past. The [...]

The Slowing Global Economy – Prolonged Stagnation Without The Crash

By Jack Rasmus, -

QEs, massive liquidity injections by central banks, token fiscal stimulus policies followed soon by austerity fiscal stimulus withdrawals represent the recovery policy ‘mix’ for the US since [...]