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Uncovering The Long History Of Hostility To Conscription In The US

It is common knowledge that free speech has legal limits in the public square. What may be less well known is that the famous Supreme Court ruling — refusing protection for “falsely shouting fire in a theater” — dealt with opposition to World War I and the military draft. The case centered on Charles Schenck and Dr. Elizabeth Baer, Philadelphia socialists, who distributed 15,000 copies of a leaflet titled “Long Live the Constitution of the United States,” arguing that conscription was illegal. Coming three months after President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill creating a military draft, the leaflet said conscription was a clear violation of the 13th Amendment banning involuntary servitude.

AOC, The Fraud Squad, Military Recruiters And US Imperialism

On Monday March 20th 2023, U.S. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Adriano Espaillat co-hosted a “Student Services Fair” at Renaissance High School for Musical Theater and the Arts in the Bronx. As the official flier indicates, there was a large military presence . Alarmed that the two U.S. politicians, especially one who is a self-described “democratic socialist” and affiliate of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), were hosting this career fair, the Bronx Anti-War Coalition organized a counter-recruitment protest. The official flier for the event listed seven representatives that would headline the fair. Six of them represented branches of the military.

Is The Army All That You Can Be?

After more than 20 years of losing wars, recruiting for the U.S. Army is now officially a mess. Last year, that service fell short of its goal by 15,000 recruits, or a quarter of its target. Despite reports of better numbers in the first months of this year, Army officials doubt they will achieve their objective this time around either. The commanding general at Fort Jackson, the South Carolina facility that provides basic training to 50% of all new members of the Army, called the recruiting command’s task the hardest since the all-volunteer military was launched in 1973. The Army’s leaders were alarmed enough to make available up to $1.2 billion for recruitment incentives and related initiatives.

Harvard/MIT Students Shut Down Exxon Recruiting Event

Cambridge, Massachusetts - On Wednesday, around 30 members of the Harvard and MIT communities disrupted a recruiting event by ExxonMobil. The presentation, which was held in the offices of the MIT Earth and Planetary Sciences department and advertised to Harvard science students, was intended to convince students to participate in the company’s hiring process. Students at the event, however, sent a message loud and clear: So long as Exxon is undermining young people’s futures, it won’t be welcome on campus. The disruption — and a similar one, also this week at Brown — come in the wake of Exxon’s track record of exploiting vulnerable peoples and environments for its oil and gas development, while lying to the public about its ostensible pivot to greener initiatives.
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