Demand An Overhaul Of The FERC Pipeline Review Process—Submit Comments For FERC Reform!

By Delaware River Keeper, -

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) operates as a rubber stamp on the pipeline infrastructure projects that come before it for review, with FERC approval being a foregone conclusion [...]

Nicaragua Regains Its Balance After Social Reform Protests

By Tortilla Con Sal, -

Recent disturbances in Nicaragua have served as a kind of who's who, separating anti-imperialists from cynical phonies both inside and outside the country. The tsunami of disinformation has [...]

Nicaragua Strives To Cope With Protest On Social Security Reform

By Chuck Kaufman, -

Nicaragua underwent an unprecedented spasm of violence over the past week that was sparked by the government announcement of increased social security withholding rates for business, workers, and [...]

Speak-Out Held In Senator Sanders’ Office For Critical Improvements To His Bill

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, -

Ed Klein from Freeport, IL is currently on Medicare, but he has found it does not pay the cost of a very expensive essential medicine he needs. He wants Medicare to be improved to cover those [...]

French Civil Servants And Rail Workers Strike In Test For Macron

Tens of thousands of protesters rallied in the streets of France on Thursday and strikes caused travel misery for millions in a showdown between trade unions and President Emmanuel Macron that [...]

Gun Laws Since Sandy Hook Have Favored The Gun Lobby

By Matt Vasilogambros, -

In the two weeks since the Florida school massacre, state lawmakers around the country have introduced bills to ban bump stocks, ban assault weapons, and expand background checks — and also to [...]

Argentine Truckers Block Capital Streets To Protest Macri Reforms

By Hugh Bronstein and Nicolás Misculin, -

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine truck drivers paralyzed parts of Buenos Aires, throwing up road blocks in some of the city’s busiest downtown neighborhoods, in a protest on Wednesday against [...]

Corrupt Gun Unit Shows Why Policing Can’t Be Reformed

By Stephen Janis, -

With the revelations of corruption in the Gun Trace Task Force, we talked to Dr. Lawrence Brown of Morgan State University about the future of policing. Despite new and troubling allegations of [...]

City Takes Major Step To Reform Oppressive And Inhumane Bail System

By Mehreen Kasana / -

Atlanta's City Council just unanimously voted and adopted a move to reform Atlanta’s cash bail system, which frequently targets, jails and ultimately upends the lives of its poorest citizens for [...]

Chinese Leadership On U.N. Reform

By Rene Wadlow, -

6 Jan 2017 – There have been a number of periods when proposals for new or different United Nations structures were proposed and discussed. The first was in the 1944-1945 period when the Charter [...]

5 Ways The Republican Tax-Reform Plan Hits Black Folks The Hardest

By Charles D. Ellison, -

By Charles D. Ellison for The Root - Right now, at this very moment, the single biggest threat to the group of people already in a compromised position because of their race is the congressional [...]

TPP Now ‘Comprehensive & Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership’

By Staff, -

By Staff of Flush The TPP - On November 11th, the TPP-11 countries announced reaching an agreement on reforms that have been negotiated since the United States exited the deal. The most evident [...]

After 41 Years, Teamsters Reform Movement Is Finally Building Power

By Stephen Franklin, -

By Stephen Franklin for In These Times - In the beginning, Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) was full of spunk. But they didn’t have any union leaders on their side, nor many rank and file [...]

Current Taxes And Tax Reform Undermine Social Security & Medicare

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Other Words - You probably pay about four times more of your income to Social Security than millionaires, who want to cut their taxes and your benefits. How much did your [...]

As We Close Rikers, Essential State-Level Reforms Needed

By Glenn E. Martin, -

By Glenn E. Martin for Gotham Gazette - Anyone following New York City politics knows about JustLeadershipUSA’s mission to close the jails at Rikers Island. In less than a year, the #CLOSErikers [...]

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