RECAP: Sovereignty And Native Women’s Safety At US Capitol

By Acee Agoyo, -

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Braving brutal temperatures and high humidity, Native women rallied at the U.S. Capitol last week to honor survivors of violence and to push for renewal of the Violence [...]

Texas Charges Oil Port Protesters Under New Fossil Fuel Protection Law

BY Nicholas Kusnertz, -

A group of activists who shut down one of the nation's largest oil ports by hanging off a bridge over the Houston Ship Channel have been charged under a new Texas law that imposes harsh penalties [...]

Federal Judge Rebukes Houston DA For Using The Willie Horton Strategy

By Daniel Nichanian, -

U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal gave preliminary approval last week to a settlement that restructures the bail system and provides for the pretrial release of most people charged with [...]

Victory! California’s Legislature Pulls AT&T And Comcast Bill That Protected Their Monopolies

By Ernesto Falcon, -

AT&T and Comcast lobbyists fought hard this year to pass A.B. 1366, a bill that would have protected their broadband monopolies. Thanks to your support, that bill will not move forward this year. [...]

They Survived Solitary Confinement. Now They’re Fighting To End It.

By Victoria Law, -

For nine and a half months, Lydia Thornton was locked into her cell nearly 24 hours a day. All of her meals were slid through a slot in the cell’s steel door. She was allowed outside to shower [...]

Benefits Of Investing In Climate Adaptation Far Outweigh Costs, Commission Says

By Nicholas Kusnetz, -

Images of devastating storm damage and droughts around the world this year have been drawing attention to the risks of global warming, particularly to the world's poorest people. Cutting [...]

What Really Happened In Zimbabwe

By David Adams, -

At one point they describe his seizure of white-owned farms. “By 1998, although Mr. Mugabe had promised new land for 162,000 black families, only 71,000 white households had been resettled. Then [...]

The VA As Workers’ Comp: Why Socialized Medicine For Veterans Is Worth Defending

By Steve Early and Suzanne Gordon, -

Think of America’s forever wars as a funnel between the largest and second largest federal government departments. Entering at the top of the funnel, via the Department of Defense (DOD), are poor [...]

New York Took On The Real Estate Industry And Won. Illinois Could Be Next.

By Max Budovitch, -

On June 14, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law new housing legislation that guarantees the “strongest tenant protections in history,” extending rent regulation from New York City and [...]

How Black Activists Sought Healthcare Reform: A New Documentary

By Christopher Willoughby, -

“The American Medical Association has never been a friend to us [African Americans],” explained the late Chicago physician Dr. Donald L. Chatman. Referring to the history of racial inequality in [...]

The UBI Already Exists. It Is Just Unevenly Distributed

By Matt Bruenig, -

So let us do the math here. Providing every person $10,000 a year would sum up to about $3.2 trillion. This would be passive income paid out to people with no strings attached and without them [...]

North Carolina Court Strikes Down State Legislative Map As Unconstitutional Gerrymander

By Joseph Ax, -

(Reuters) - A North Carolina court on Tuesday struck down the Republican-drawn state legislative map as an illegal partisan gerrymander and gave lawmakers two weeks to enact new district lines [...]

NLRB Reversing Important Labor Law Precedents

By Bobbi Murray, -

Employee rights advocates say this Labor Day’s family barbecues and union solidarity picnics will take place in the shadow of a Trump administration that has quietly stacked the National Labor [...]

Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds Should Be Fine

By Matt Bruenig, -

The Financial Times published an alarmist front-page story about Labour’s Inclusive Ownership Funds proposal over the weekend. The headline of the story is that “UK’s Labour would cost companies [...]

Move Over Wall Street, People’s Banks Are Coming To Replace You

By Phoenix Goodman, -

A specter is haunting Wall Street: the public banking movement, which vows to replace private banks’ influence in public affairs. This movement is gaining traction in states and cities across the [...]