Chinese Leadership On U.N. Reform

By Rene Wadlow, -

6 Jan 2017 – There have been a number of periods when proposals for new or different United Nations structures were proposed and discussed. The first was in the 1944-1945 period when the Charter [...]

5 Ways The Republican Tax-Reform Plan Hits Black Folks The Hardest

By Charles D. Ellison, -

By Charles D. Ellison for The Root - Right now, at this very moment, the single biggest threat to the group of people already in a compromised position because of their race is the congressional [...]

TPP Now ‘Comprehensive & Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership’

By Staff, -

By Staff of Flush The TPP - On November 11th, the TPP-11 countries announced reaching an agreement on reforms that have been negotiated since the United States exited the deal. The most evident [...]

After 41 Years, Teamsters Reform Movement Is Finally Building Power

By Stephen Franklin, -

By Stephen Franklin for In These Times - In the beginning, Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) was full of spunk. But they didn’t have any union leaders on their side, nor many rank and file [...]

Current Taxes And Tax Reform Undermine Social Security & Medicare

By Sam Pizzigati, -

By Sam Pizzigati for Other Words - You probably pay about four times more of your income to Social Security than millionaires, who want to cut their taxes and your benefits. How much did your [...]

As We Close Rikers, Essential State-Level Reforms Needed

By Glenn E. Martin, -

By Glenn E. Martin for Gotham Gazette - Anyone following New York City politics knows about JustLeadershipUSA’s mission to close the jails at Rikers Island. In less than a year, the #CLOSErikers [...]

Here’s What Real Tax Reform Looks Like

By Paddy Quick, -

By Paddy Quick for Indypendent - President Donald Trump will not succeed in carrying out any significant tax “reform,” but it is likely that he and the Republican majority in Congress will [...]

Health Care Lobbyists Bankrolled Senate Democrats

By David Sirota and Lydia O'Neal, -

By David Sirota and Lydia O'Neal for IB Times - As Bernie Sanders worked to finalize his Medicare-for-All Act of 2017, corporate lobbyists representing the traditional opponents of single-payer [...]

Tens Of Thousands March In France Against Anti-Worker Reforms

By Jake Johnson, -

By Jake Johnson for Common Dream - Led by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), France's second largest trade union, demonstrators flooded Paris and other major cities chanting: "Macron [...]

A Tale Of Many Cities: The Road To Municipal Reform

By Steve Early, -

By Steve Early for Counter Punch - There is no better role model for aspiring radical scribes than Juan Gonzalez. The country’s leading Latino journalist is cohost of Democracy Now!, a former [...]

New Model For Conservative Rule And Progressive Renewal

By Tyler Norris, -

By Tyler Norris for NC Policy Watch - My home state was once a model for progress. For half a century, North Carolina was a beacon of moderation in the South, an outlier dubbed the “Dixie Dynamo” [...]

Why American Politics Can’t Be Reformed

By Robert Urie, -

By Robert Urie for Counterpunch. The dominant political parties in the U.S. have assumed absolute control over electoral processes at a time when the power of concentrated wealth has been [...]

Tell Trump, And Democrats: We Demand Black Community Control Of The Police

By Glen Ford, -

By Glen Ford for Black Agenda Report - The cops at a Long Island, New York, pro-police event “laughed and cheered” when President Trump urged them to brutalize immigrant prisoners – “animals,” as [...]

Defendants Can’t Be Jailed Just Because They Can’t Afford Bail

By Staff, -

By Staff of Reuters - CHICAGO (Reuters) - Defendants who are not considered dangerous will no longer have to stay in jail if they cannot afford to pay bail while awaiting trial in the Illinois [...]

A Municipal Vote In Providence For Police Reform Carries National Implications

By Shahid Buttar, -

By Shahid Buttar for EFF - After three years of sustained community mobilization and advocacy, the Providence City Council in Rhode Island voted this Thursday to unanimously approve among the [...]

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