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What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Win)

You’ve done it. Your team of rank-and-file members has run for union office and won. In a few short weeks or months you will leave the truck, classroom, or hospital floor behind and join the staff of your local union. You’ve made promises to the members, and you don’t want to let them down. Back in 2009 I was in exactly this situation. I had been a member of Teamsters Local 814, packing art in a warehouse and filling in as shop steward. When incompetent leaders plunged our local into financial insolvency, our slate decided to run for union office. Soon we won our election and I found myself principal officer of our local union.

Going Beyond The New International Economic Order

Much has been made of the New International Economic Order (NIEO) since its formal announcement in the UN General Assembly on May Day nearly fifty years ago. As the most sustained attempt to reconfigure international relations since the establishment of the United Nations and Bretton Woods systems after the Second World War, the project served as a lodestone for a remarkably wide range of debates about the law, politics, and political economy of decolonization during the 1970s and into the 1980s. At its core lay a series of demands for greater aid, debt-relief and technology transfer, as well as a desire to facilitate rapid industrialization, secure strong rights to nationalize assets of foreign investors, normalize preferential treatment in international trade for developing countries, institute mechanisms to regulate the activities of multinational corporations, and provide restitution for resources depleted through colonialism and occupation.

Defund The Police Is Not Abolition

The demand to defund the police has become a central narrative responding  to the graphic killing of Black people. Black organizers must now discuss if this strategy can move us closer to community control of public safety and unpoliced Black neighborhoods. The defund demand has a number of important branches  but at its root it is a call to mobilize community energy towards winning votes at local budget hearings. This effort is not just about the vote but reflects a firm belief in U.S. democracy which at this exact moment may be the most mistaken political stance possible. During the Jan. 6th meeting at the U.S. Capitol we witnessed a show of strength  that could not have happened without deep police collaboration.

The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan To Scan Every Message Online

That’s what the Senate Judiciary Committee has proposed and hopes to pass into law. The so-called EARN IT bill, sponsored by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), will strip Section 230 protections away from any website that doesn’t follow a list of “best practices,” meaning those sites can be sued into bankruptcy.

Supreme Court Could Soon Make Government Regulation — And The Next Election — Moot

In recent years, the Supreme Court has issued ruling after ruling awarding more power to large corporations. Most notably, the 2010 Citizens United ruling opened the floodgates to an unprecedented deluge of corporate cash in our elections. Now, however, the court’s right-wing majority appears prepared to offer an even bigger boon...

No Need To Wait For Pandemics: The Public Health Case For Criminal Justice Reform

The United States incarcerates a greater share of its population than any other nation in the world, so it is urgent that policymakers think about how a viral pandemic would impact people in prisons, in jails, on probation, and on parole, and to take seriously the public health case for criminal justice reform.

Judge Blocks Rule That Would Have Kicked 700,000 People Off SNAP

Critics had called on the Department of Agriculture to suspend implementation of the new food stamp restrictions, especially in light of the economic crisis spurred by the coronavirus pandemic. A federal judge has issued an injunction blocking the Trump administration from adopting a rule change that would force nearly 700,000 Americans off food stamps...

Guess Who’s Rallying For Medicare For All? Senior Citizens

Because seniors already have Medicare and may be retired, changing the healthcare system is not typically considered a key issue for their voting demographic. The problem? “No one’s asked us." CHICAGO—What began as back pain ended in a five-month stay at the hospital for an excruciating spinal infection that almost paralyzed Catherine (name changed for privacy).

French Anti-Worker Pension Plan Becomes Law Without A Vote 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been in the streets protesting for months. Transportation strikes have disrupted travel. Public opinion supports the strikes, even though they were extremely inconvenient. Students and teachers from primary grades to universities have walked out repeatedly. Still, the French government under President Emmanuel Macron — a former investment banker...

Native Activists Are Forging A Just Transition To Renewable Energy

Native activists and youth are shaping a clear vision for the transition necessary to guide us toward an environmentally just future — and there are more of them coming. Nationally, the Sunrise Movement and Indigenous environmental justice groups are overtaking entrenched political power with a breath of fresh air. Democrats are even talking about it.

Women Protesting India’s Anti-Muslim Citizenship Law Are Undeterred By Violence

Starting in the early morning of Feb. 24, sectarian violence between Hindus and Muslims broke out in several neighborhoods in northeast New Delhi — all while Donald Trump was on a visit to India. Videos emerged on social media of Hindus chanting “Jai Shri Ram,” or “Hail Lord Ram,” pelting Muslims with stones...

Is XR America Going To ‘Make XR Great Again,’ Or Is It An XR EXIT?

Before that hot, muggy, South Louisiana summer of 2016, I had considered myself more of a witness to the climate movement than affected community. I mean sure, Louisiana loses a football field of land every 45 minutes due to disappearing wetlands and rising seas. I doubt most people can wrap their heads around that, I know I couldn’t – not really.

Trump Move To Gut NEPA, Bedrock U.S. Environmental Law, Would Slash Protection For Air, Water, Wildlife

WASHINGTON— The Center for Biological Diversity joined hundreds of conservation groups to file formal comments today with the Trump administration opposing its plans to gut the rules that govern the landmark National Environmental Policy Act.

“So-Called ‪’Peace Deal’ Is Anything But”: Critics Warn US-Taliban Deal Exposes Fallacies Of Endless War Paradigm

The agreement, warned Rep. Barbara Lee, "leaves thousands of troops in Afghanistan and lacks the critical investments in peacebuilding, human-centered development, or governance reform needed to rebuild Afghan society. While President Donald Trump bragged Saturday about an agreement signed by the U.S. government and the Taliban as a milestone towards ending the war in Afghanistan that has raged now for the nearly two decades—devastating the Afghan people and the wider region...

Chile’s Piñera And His Repressive Laws Versus The Subversion Of A People

The months of rebellion that the people of Chile are experiencing have caused them to ask themselves questions, which require quick answers because if they are not answered as soon as possible they open up the possibility of a scenario that the ruling class in power does not like and will make every effort to undermine. The thoughts, purposes, beliefs and reflections left to us last October 18 show us how the subversion of one of the most suffering peoples of Latin America...
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