Immigrants Make Journey For Justice

By Peniel Ibe, American Friends Service Committee. -

After six weeks of traveling across the United States, the TPS Journey 4 Justice bus arrived in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Sept. 25. The bus carried more than 50 immigrants with Temporary [...]

Anarchists Have Taken Over A Building In Athens To House Refugees

By Melpomeni Maragkidou, -

By Melpomeni Maragkidou - A huge banner reading "Refugees Welcome Home" is draped across the front of a derelict building in Exarchia, Athens – a district that's generally regarded as the [...]

The Refugee Crisis Should Not Be Used For More War

By Jelle Bruinsma, -

By Jelle Bruinsma in RoarMag - Hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn countries have entered Europe this year. As the debate over Europe’s responsibility to let these refugees in [...]

A Guide To The Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII

By Ben Norton, -

By Ben Norton in Mondoweiss - The world is witnessing the largest refugee crisis since the horrors of World War II. Today there are close to 60 million war refugees, according to the UN High [...]

The Refugee Crisis: Where Governments Fail, Grassroots Prevail

By Michaela Whitton, and By Andrew Butler, -

By Michaela Whitton in The Anti-Media and by Andrew Butler in Films For Action - Discussing the refugee crisis, the activist was frank: “Global displacement is a direct result of foreign policy [...]

Pro-Refugee German Politician Speaks Out After Car Explodes

By Felicity Capon, -

By Felicity Capon in Newsweek - A local left-wing politician known for supporting the housing of refugees in the German town of Freital, has spoken out about the harassment and death threats by [...]

Challenging Australia’s Refugee Narrative

By Janni Blakarly, -

By Janni Blakarly in Al Jazeera - At a desk amid the stacked boxes and clutter sits Ramesh Fernandez, the founder of RISE: Refugees Survivors and Ex-Detainees, an organisation that provides [...]