Regenerative Food And Farming: Survival And Revival

By Ronnie Cummins, Regeneration International. -

Regenerative agriculture and holistic livestock management represent the next, crucial stage of organic food and farming, not only avoiding toxic pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO [...]

Pasture Cropping – The Innovative No-Kill, No-Till System

By Andre Leu, Regeneration International. -

Regenerative agriculture is a global farming revolution with rapid uptake and interest around the world. Five years ago hardly anyone had heard about it. It is in the news nearly everyday now. [...]

The Secret To Farming For The Climate

By Nicholas Carter, A Well Fed World. -

A major change to how we farm is not only necessary, it’s inevitable. The 2019 Climate Change and Land IPCC report described the need to focus on changing land use and current agriculture [...]

Green New Deal Must Offer Farmers A Way To Transition To Regenerative Agriculture

By Mackenzie Feldman and John Ikerd, In These Times. -

Right now, soil health is declining because intensive farming practices, including monocultures, deplete soil organic matter, destroy the biological health of soil, and increase the soil’s [...]