Scheer Intelligence: Has Silicon Valley Made It Impossible For Us To Listen?

By Robert Scheer, -

At a time in which distractions seem to multiply by the second thanks to the omnipresence of screens and social media, and COVID-19 pandemic has isolated us further, we’re all having a hard time [...]

Cutting Capitalism Out Of Our Relationships

By William C. Anderson, -

Capitalism does not just rule over the large-scale functions of the society we live in. It also infiltrates our interpersonal relationships. There are plenty among us who are sick of the [...]

Creating Transformation Through Building Deeper Relationships

By Ejeris Dixon, -

By Ejeris Dixon for Truthout - As I dream about the possibilities for 2016, I believe we are uniquely positioned to engage more people in social movements than at any point I've seen in the last [...]