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Relationship Building

Scheer Intelligence: Has Silicon Valley Made It Impossible For Us To Listen?

At a time in which distractions seem to multiply by the second thanks to the omnipresence of screens and social media, and COVID-19 pandemic has isolated us further, we’re all having a hard time truly listening to one another and connecting. Silicon Valley veteran Ximena Vengoechea wants to change that with her new book “Listen Like You Mean It.” On this week’s installment of “Scheer Intelligence,” host Robert Scheer speaks to the User Experience designer about her work at Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and the role tech companies have had on our ability to listen to one another. “I think some of how we lost [our ability to listen] has been the sort of moment that we’re in, which is this culturally, politically divided moment, this technologically accelerated moment,” says Vengoechea...

Cutting Capitalism Out Of Our Relationships

Capitalism does not just rule over the large-scale functions of the society we live in. It also infiltrates our interpersonal relationships. There are plenty among us who are sick of the capitalist system, but our actions don't always reflect this. Plenty of self-described anti-capitalists and progressives end up exploiting their lovers, partners, family and friends on behalf of themselves in capitalistic ways. The labor of the everyday lives we're already used to is multiplied by the often predictable selfishness of people who want to "succeed" and are ready and willing to sacrifice others to do so. By observing the capitalistic interactions we have with those in our own movements, relationships and communities, we can begin to understand just how sinister the system that permeates our lives really is.

Creating Transformation Through Building Deeper Relationships

By Ejeris Dixon for Truthout - As I dream about the possibilities for 2016, I believe we are uniquely positioned to engage more people in social movements than at any point I've seen in the last decade. During the past two years we've witnessed a brilliant escalation of our justice movements to build and sustain the level of direct action needed to win incredible and unprecedented victories. There is actually public conversation beyond activist and organizer circles on discriminatory policing, state violence against Black communities, and homophobic and transphobic violence.
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