The Housing Affordability Crisis And What Millennials Can do About It

By Steve Early, -

When millennials head home for the holidays this month, many who are city dwellers will be hosted by parents or grand-parents whose housing is far more spacious and financially secure than their [...]

Organizing Tenants In The Rentier Society

By Michael Byrne, -

By Michael Byrne for ROAR Magazine - These organizations are developing new ways of responding to the growing conflict between tenants and landlords and between housing as a right and housing as [...]

Cuomoville Three Day Camp-Out Begins At Cuomo NYC Office

By Staff for Metropolitan Council on Housing, -

By Staff for Metropolitan Council on Housing. We are camping out in front of Governor Cuomo's office to demand that he stop siding with real estate developers and start standing with New [...]

Push For Rent Control Is Taking Root Across America

By Randy Shaw, -

By Randy Shaw for Counterpunch. Activists in cities that have long had rent control laws are pushing for stronger measures. In Los Angeles, activists like Larry Gross, Director of the Coalition [...]