The Radical Legacy Of New York’s Winter Rent Strike

By Glyn Robbins, Tribune Magazine. -

From 26 December 1907 to 9 January 1908, 10,000 tenants, predominantly Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe living in New York City’s Lower East Side, took part in a historic rent strike. During [...]

Tenants Take On The ‘City’s Worst Landlord’ With Rent Strike

By Caroline Spivak, Curbed. -

Standing outside the four-story brick apartment building in Crown Heights she calls home, Jemiah Johnson took her turn with the black megaphone. “This building is literally killing us!” the [...]

Make Corporate Landlords Pay The Bills During The Pandemic

By Sofia Lopez and Sara Mycklebust, -

The Covid-19 crisis has both exposed and exacerbated racial and wealth inequality in the United States. As unemployment skyrockets and tens of millions of Americans struggle with a sudden loss of [...]

Tenant Unions For The Future

By Hannah Black, Dissent Magazine. -

Calls to rent strike have yet to cohere into a national political movement. But as the economic crisis deepens, tenants’ fates will ultimately be decided by their level of collective [...]

What It’s Like To Not Pay Rent, According To Striking Tenants

By Caroline Spivack, Valeria Ricciulli, and Diana Budds, NY Curbed. -

Defective locks make for dubious building security. Walls sag with water damage and look as if they’re melting. An infestation of vermin plagues apartments. These are the conditions that some [...]

Millions Of Tenants Are Ready For A Rent Strike Revolution

By Jason Wu, Truthout. -

Calls to “cancel rent” are catching fire. First came a couple of tweets on Twitter. Then progressive firebrands like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed the #CancelRent movement. Now, [...]

Update From General Strike 2020 – Upcoming Actions

With the unconscionable murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis this past week, we’re reminded of the importance that the fight against racism plays in our struggle. We’ve seen [...]

Rent Strike: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay

By Amy Hall, The New Internationalist. -

The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an international rent strike. Housing activists hope to build strong networks of solidarity as a financial crisis and mass evictions loom. Across the world, [...]

Tenants Buy Properties From Negligent Landlord Who Tried To Evict Them

By Max Nesterak, Minnesota Reformer.   -

Thirty-eight families in south Minneapolis will gain ownership of their five apartment buildings after spending years battling with their landlord, Stephen Frenz, who had been trying to evict [...]

A Note From The Ministry Of Staple Guns

Rent strike organizing will not become widespread just because people are desperate.  These material circumstances need to be joined by the understanding that another world is possible.  That [...]

Corporate Landlords Should Cancel Rent, Mortgages And Utlities During COVID-19

By Sophia Lopez and Sarah Mykelburst, ACRE Action Center. -

While so many of us struggle to survive, some of the richest billionaires in the world dominate the residential real estate industry in the United States. These corporate landlords are companies [...]

Rent Strike 2020 A Historical Perspective

By Rob Rooke, Socialist Alternative. -

This country has been catapulted into the biggest health care, economic, and social crisis in generations. One-third of apartment renters were unable to pay their full rent in April and millions [...]

Rich Peasants, Poor Peasants And ‘Mom-and-Pop Landlords’

By David Rovics. -

In the course of the evolving patchwork of rent strikes happening right now across the US, there is suddenly a lot of talk in the press about how much the landlords are hurting. The landlords, of [...]

#GeneralStrike2020: How To Participate On The May Day Launch

By Popular Resistance. -

On May Day, the first of May, the #GeneralStrike2020 (and beyond) campaign launches across the country. Learn more about the overall campaign in our most recent newsletter, "The Era of Mass [...]

‘Cancel the Rents’ Car Caravans Protest In 40 Cities

By Party for Socialism and Liberation, Popular Resistance -

From Los Angeles to San Francisco to Chicago to New York and more than 40 cities across the country. On April 25 cars rolled through neighborhoods and shopping districts, stopped in front of [...]

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