Developing Countries Fume Over US Pressure To Alter Climate Finance

By Rishika Pardikar, Toward Freedom. -

Glasgow, Scotland - Speaking at the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26) on November 1, U.S. President Joe Biden said he wants the United States to commit $3 billion toward helping vulnerable [...]

Detroit Voters OK Launching Reparations Commission

By Candice Williams, The Detroit News. -

Detroit voters favored launching a reparations commission Tuesday, and a proposal to decriminalize psychedelic plants passed by a wide margin. Another, Proposal S, failed with 53.9% voting no [...]

Glasgow Climate Talks Are, In Many Ways, ‘Harder Than Paris’

By Bob Berwyn, Inside Climate News. -

To many following the decades-long journey of the United Nations climate negotiations, the 26th Conference of the Parties beginning Monday in Glasgow, Scotland looks like one of the last chances [...]

Anti-Imperialism You Can Try At Home

By Mattea Kramer, Tom's Dispatch. -

Robin Rue Simmons had been very curious about the truth of American life as a young person. But it was only after she finished high school, left her native Evanston, Illinois, and returned as an [...]

Who Will Pay For The Damage From Climate Change?

By Rick Kohn, LA Progressive. -

To people in developing countries, it seems clear, the wealthy countries that caused most of the problem of climate change should pay the most to adapt to it and to solve the problem.  But [...]

Segregation And The Case For School Funding Reparations

By Insider NJ. -

The U.S. public school system is one of the most unequal in the industrialized world, and New Jersey is no exception, according to a new report by New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP). Due to [...]

Book Argues That HBCUs Are Owed Reparations

By Keenan "higz" Higgins, NewsOne. -

The idea of reparations for Black people as restitution for the slavery of our ancestors is a conversation we’ve been collectively having for decades now — many different points have been made as [...]

Protesters Demand Wealthy MP Pays Up For Family’s Slave Trade Past

By Paul Lashmar, The Guardian. -

Protesters demanded yesterday that a Conservative MP should hand over his 621-acre sugar plantation to the people of Barbados as compensation for his family’s 200 years of slave owning and [...]

Reckoning And Reparations In Afghanistan

By Kathy Kelly, The Progressive Magazine. -

Earlier this week, 100 Afghan families from Bamiyan, a rural province of central Afghanistan mainly populated by the Hazara ethnic minority, fled to Kabul out of fear of attacks by Taliban [...]

Fourth Of You Lie In Brooklyn, N.Y.

Byh Stephen Millies, Struggle La Lucha -

D12 held an outdoor rally today in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., for Black liberation and the liberation of all oppressed people. Banners reading “Health care is a right! [...]

California Reparations Committee Confronts Harms Of Slavery

By Jackie Botts, Cal Matters. -

For more than three decades, Black members of Congress have introduced legislation to study the lasting harms of slavery on African Americans, and propose remedies. Year after year, the federal [...]

How The First US City To Fund Reparations For Black Residents Is Making Amends

By Ashley Brown, Emilie de Sainte Maresville, and Allie Yang, ABC News. -

Evanston, Illinois, is like a lot of American cities. The city just north of Chicago appears picturesque, updated and grand on one side -- but not far away, one can see the signs of economic and [...]

Investments Should Be ‘Determined By The Community’

By Gee and Ursula Show, My Northwest. -

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is pledging $100 million from the city’s general fund to invest in communities of color. But where is that money going to go? And who is going to advise the mayor’s [...]

Book Review: “On The Judgment Of History”

By Scott McLemee, Inside Higher Ed. -

The scene in Charlottesville, Va., three years ago -- the Confederate flags, the tiki-torch Nazis, the lethal use of a car against counterdemonstrators -- left Joan Wallach Scott feeling [...]

Black-Led Resistance Movements Are Paving The Way For Reparations

By Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, Waging Nonviolence. -

Months after the police killing of George Floyd sparked racial justice protests around the world, Black Lives Matter activists are once again flooding the streets — this time in response to the [...]

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