Media Justice Sues FBI Over Surveillance Of Black Activists

By Nusrat Choudhury and Malkia Cyril, -

At a time when violence by white supremacists is on the rise, the FBI appears to be targeting Black people in a secret intelligence program concerning so-called “Black Identity Extremists”— an [...]

Marty Gottesfeld: Another Whistleblower In Solitary Confinement

By John Kiriakou, -

Last year I wrote about a whistleblower from New England who took direct action to save a child’s life and who paid for it with his freedom.  Marty Gottesfeld is now serving 10 years in prison [...]

Chelsea Manning And The New Inquisition

By Chris Hedges, -

The U.S. government, determined to extradite and try Julian Assange for espionage, must find a way to separate what Assange and WikiLeaks did in publishing classified material leaked to them by [...]

John Pilger: ‘Defy The Thought Police’, Stand With Assange

By Staff, -

John Pilger says of Assange that the room he's held in resembles "Room 101" from the famous novel "1984" by George Orwell. Whenever I visit Julian Assange, we meet in a room he knows too well. [...]

Support Continues To Pour In For Julian Assange And Chelsea Manning

By Staff, -

Workers and young people across the world continue to speak out against the jailing of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, who courageously refused to testify in a secret grand jury against WikiLeaks [...]

Two Former US Soldiers Have Been Arrested After An Alleged Security Breach At Shannon Airport This Morning.

By Michael Staines, -

The pair are members of ‘US Veterans for Peace’ – an international organisation dedicated to “building a culture of peace and exposing the true costs of war.” The group has been in Ireland in [...]

Free Chelsea Manning (Again)!

By Staff, -

U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning has been sent back to jail after refusing to answer questions before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. The Trump [...]

Judging U.S. War Crimes

By Kathy Kelly, -

Chelsea Manning, who bravely exposed atrocities committed by the U.S. military, is again imprisoned in a U.S. jail. On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019, she was incarcerated in the [...]

Leaked Documents Show The U.S. Government Tracking Journalists And Immigration Advocates Through A Secret Database

By Tom Jones, Mari Payton and Bill Feather, -

Documents obtained by NBC 7 Investigates show the U.S. government created a secret database of activists, journalists, and social media influencers tied to the migrant caravan and in some cases, [...]

How We’re Paying To Trample Our Rights + A Bright Future For Hemp

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Dissent – protest, direct action, civil disobedience – these are the manifestations of our power. And they are the only things that the ruling elite truly fear. Which is why we're seeing a wave [...]

Berta Caceres’ Daughter Demands Justice For Mother’s Murder On Death Anniversary

By Staff, -

The daughter of slain land and water rights activist, Berta Caceres says her mother’s murder must be brought to justice, including indicting the European banks that financed the Agua Zarca [...]

More Than 80 People Arrested During Stephon Clark Protest In Sacramento

By Dominique Mosbergen, -

A reporter and several clergy members were among those detained. More than 80 people were arrested in Sacramento, California, on Monday during a protest over Stephon Clark’s death. A reporter on [...]

Amnesty International’s Biased And Inaccurate Reporting On Nicaragua Refuted

By Staff, -

In 2018 Amnesty International produced two reports on Nicaragua, accusing the Nicaraguan government of ‘a strategy of indiscriminate repression’. The context was violent protests which broke out [...]

Julian Assange Gets A New Australian Passport

By Richard Baker, -

Fugitive Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been issued with a new Australian passport after lengthy negotiations over whether he was subject to an arrest warrant for a "serious foreign [...]

France: Arrests, Tear Gas And Water Cannons Deployed On Week 15 Of Yellow Vest Protests

By Staff, -

This time, another 70 were arrested nationwide and sprayed with water cannons while protesting Macron's government spending cuts. France’s Yellow Vests showed no sign of tiring as the 15th [...]