Blueprint For Sexual And Reproductive Health, Rights, And Justice

By Staff, -

As advocates for gender equity and advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice, we know that our reproductive and sexual autonomy are at the core of some of the most important decisions [...]

A (Real) Strike To Fight For Abortion Rights

By Tatiana Cozzarelli, Ezra Brain and Olivia Wood, -

In recent weeks, several states have passed incredibly restrictive laws against abortion. The specifics of these laws vary, but the end result is the same: abortion is becoming illegal again. In [...]

The Escalating War On Reproductive Rights

By Tharanga Yakupitiyage, -

(IPS) – Abortion has long been a contentious issue across the world, and the debate is only heating up, prompting women to stand up and speak out for their reproductive rights. In response to [...]

The Real Border Emergency, Thought Crimes & The Truth About Abortion

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

A look at the worsening emergency in the borderlands – hint: the migrants aren't the ones creating the emergency. Next up, they say dissent is patriotic – but they clearly haven't met the [...]

Abortion Rights And The Power Of Protest

By Margaret Kimberley, -

Americans do not know how to protest. Even on those occasions when they take to the streets they also waste time with nonsense. Props like pink hats or costumes from the Handmaids Taletelevision [...]

Abortion Providers Fear For Their Safety As Rhetoric Ratchets Up

By Melissa Jeltsen, -

A few weeks ago, Jen Villavicencio, an OB-GYN in Michigan, Googled her name. There, on the results page, was an anti-choice website that identified medical professionals working in the “abortion [...]

Nationwide Protests And State Boycotts Planned Amid Wave Of GOP Attacks On Abortion Rights

By Jessica Corbett, -

"They're coming for women. They're coming for doctors. They're coming for Roe. But we're the majority—and we're NOT going back." Supporters of reproductive rights are fighting back against [...]

America’s Reproductive Slaves

By Chris Hedges, -

On Wednesday, the day it was announced that the U.S. birthrate fell for the fourth straight year, signaling the lowest number of births in 32 years, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the most [...]

In Red Pairs: Handmaids Are Resisting

By Abby Zimet, -

By Abby Zimet for Common Dreams - Women occupying senators' offices Friday aren't alone in resisting the all-male "declaration of war on women" that would be repeal of Obamacare and enactment of [...]

The Worst ‘Alternative Facts’ About Abortion

By Sofia Resnick, -

By Sofia Resnick for Rewire - During her first weekend as counselor to the 45th president of the United States, Kellyanne Conway introduced the country to a foreboding new catchphrase: [...]

Trump Reverses Rule Protecting Women’s Access To Basic Healthcare

By Staff, -

By Staff of Center for Reproductive Rights - In the past few years, an increasing number of states have tried to block trusted reproductive health care providers—including providers that offer [...]

A Q&A About Police Violence And Reproductive Health

By Cynthia Greenlee, -

By Cynthia Greenlee for Rewire - Police violence and interaction could be seen as particularly extreme forms of maternal stress. If one lives in a community that is frequently policed, the [...]

‘We Have To Shift The Table Of Power’

By Lauren Rankin, -

By Lauren Rankin for Rewire - If we let the election extinguish our inner fire and vision of a just future, then that's worse than anything we lost at the polls in terms of votes or anything [...]

For Women’s Reproductive Freedom, A Chill Wind Blows

By Dorothy Samuels, -

By Dorothy Samuels for Brennen Center for Justice and The American Prospect - Donald Trump’s plans for an extreme misogynistic makeover of reproductive health care received way too little [...]

Black Lives Matter & Reproductive Rights Alliance For Justice

By Katie Klabusich, -

By Katie Klabusich for Truthout - Leaders from the Black Lives Matter and reproductive justice movements recently announced a formal organizational alliance through a call with press and [...]

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