Primary Results Show Rightward Shift Of Both Republican And Democratic Parties

By Patrick Martin, -

The primary elections held in Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington, along with a special congressional election in Ohio, showed the continued shift to the right by both of the major [...]

Republicans Who Oppose Net Neutrality Could Pay The Price In November, According To New Poll

By Lee Fang, -

REPUBLICAN SUPPORT FOR the repeal of net neutrality protections may cost lawmakers in key competitive seats, according to a recent survey conducted by Republican pollsters tied to party [...]

Waffle House’s Right-Wing Politics: The Chikesia Clemons Controversy Follows Many Years of Supporting Reactionary Far-Right Republicans

By Alex Henderson, -

Anyone who has spent a lot of time listening to southern hip-hop has no doubt heard of Waffle House. The restaurant chain has been mentioned in countless hip-hop and modern R&B recordings and has [...]

Sanders, Controlled Opposition And Building Popular Power

By Michael Ippolito, -

By Michael Ippolito. This letter was inspired by a conversation that took place in response to the video below posted by Dr. Margaret Flowers after the Republicans offered up a vote on HR 676: [...]

Hundreds Protest In Snow At Rep. Ryan’s Office In Racine, WI

By Staff, -

By Staff of eNews Park Forest - RACINE, WI –(ENEWSPF)–March 14, 2017. In the wake of a Congressional Budget Office analysis that the GOP health plan will cause 24 million Americans to lose their [...]

Republicans Introduce Health Plan; Already Divided Over Basics

By Margaret Flowers, -

By Margaret Flowers for Health Over Profit - On March 6, 2017, Republican leadership in the House of Representatives introduced their healthcare plan for discussion and a vote in two committees, [...]

Rubio Is Asked To Leave Tampa Office Over Disruption From Weekly Protests

By Tony Marrero, -

By Tony Marrero for Tempa Bay Times - TAMPA — Vocal crowds of demonstrators making weekly visits to the Tampa office of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio have gotten the Miami Republican booted from the [...]

Heated Town Halls Show Voters Are Turning On Senators

By Kali Holloway, -

By Kali Holloway for AlterNet - Iowa’s Chuck Grassley was challenged by two constituents. An Afghan man, who worked as an interpreter with the U.S. military, questioned what would be done to aid [...]

Ryan Dodges Constituents (On Horseback)

By Deirdre Fulton, -

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - The speaker is not holding any hometown district meetings this week but is reportedly fundraising in several Texas cities. Constituents have for weeks been [...]

Republicans Protect Insurance Industry, Call It ‘Stablizing Obamacare’

By Peter Sullivan, -

By Peter Sullivan for The Hill - The Trump administration on Wednesday proposed a regulation aimed at “stabilizing” the ObamaCare marketplace by making changes favorable to insurers to help [...]

Congress Sets Value Of All Public Lands & Buildings To $0

By Brody Levesque, -

By Brody Levesque for NCRM - The Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a rules change this past week by a vote of 234 to 193, that would allow Congress the ability to [...]

Push For Quick Medicare Overhaul Worries U.S. Senate Republicans

By Sahil Kapur, -

By Sahil Kapur for Bloomberg - Republicans have called for major Medicare changes for years, but now that they may be in a position to push something through, some party leaders are wary of [...]

How The Republican Party Rules A Nation That Hates It

By Paul Street, -

By Paul Street for Truth Dig - The white nationalist and arch-regressive Republican Party is an unpopular political organization in the United States. Thanks to the chasm between its militantly [...]

Republicans Were Wildly Successful At Suppressing Voters In 2016

By Alice Miranda Ollstein, -

By Alice Miranda Ollstein for Think Progress - Last week, the first election in 50 years without the full protection of the federal Voting Rights Act propelled Donald Trump to the White House. [...]

Republicans Can’t Believe That People Are Actually Protesting Trump

By Valerie Richardson, -

By Valerie Richardson for The Washington Times - After five days of anti-Trump protests and mayhem led by left-wing groups, including one linked to top Clinton donor George Soros, Republicans [...]

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