Defending Our ‘Right To Know’ With Courage

Yesterday in Berlin, a new international organization was announced whose purpose is to (1) defend whistleblowers when they are facing prosecution; and (2) defend the public’s right to know. In a [...]

Epic Actions To Reset The Net

By Staff, -

On the first anniversary of the NSA leaks by Edward Snowden, people united on the Internet to "reset the net" by taking steps to directly block mass surveillance. The changes made will effect 3 [...]

WordPress Resets The Net

By Paul Sieminski, -

If we properly encrypt our sites and devices, we can make mass surveillance much more difficult. We’ll be serving pages only over SSL for all * subdomains by the end of the [...]

Foil The NSA With Reset The Net Privacy Download

By Robert Brune, -

On the anniversary of the first news story based on Edward Snowden NSA leaks, Fight for the Future and other Internet privacy advocates are taking matters into their own hands. Legislators have [...]

Reddit, Imgur & Boing Boing Launch Anti-Surveillance Campaign

By Alex Hern, -

Some of the world's largest websites are planning a coordinated day of action on Thursday to oppose mass surveillance online. The sites, which include Reddit, Imgur and BoingBoing, will be [...]

Reset The Net

Fight for our Future has launched a "Reset The Net Campaign" for June 5th, 2014. The problem, as outlined at Reset the [...]