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Solidarity With Amazing Resistance To Destruction Of Hambacher Forest

The Hambach Forest, which one could call the last “primeval” forest in Central Europe, is being stubbed for Europe’s biggest climate pollutant – the Rhenish lignite mining area of RWE (Rheinisches Braunkohlerevier), in which RWE mines brown coal. Whole villages and the health of human beings are destroyed in this process. To prevent all of this people squatted the Hambacher Forest and take part in other effective and direct Actions. Join us!

Anatomy of a Worker’s Victory

The strike of West Virginia teachers and school service personnel ended Tuesday after the state senate finally agreed to a 5 percent pay raise. Although the pay raise had been announced a week previously in a deal reached by Governor Justice and the leaders of the teachers’ unions, state senate leadership proved to be the major roadblock to actually passing the bill. West Virginia teachers and service personnel achieved a historic victory. Rank-and-file school employees led a nine-day, statewide wildcat strike that resulted in meaningful concessions from a hostile state government. In doing so, they educated and mobilized thousands of school employees, many of whom had previously paid little attention to state politics. They reminded the nation of West Virginia’s proud union history and challenged unfounded assumptions about what is possible in a “red” state. While they cannot yet declare victory on health care, it is not over.

Right Now — Resist, Rethink, Recreate

By Rabbi Arthur Waskow for The Shalom Center - We are facing a government that is beginning the process of shattering democracy and devastating the Earth, elevating what Martin Luther King defined as the deadly triplets of Racism, Militarism, and Materialism into the domineering reality of our lives. That government is trying to make it become the new normal that our lives will be fearful, consumed by fake news and “alternative facts,” struggling to deal with worsening economic pressures and worsening ecological disasters, even life-spans shorter in years. Three different sorts of energy have been stirred into a devil’s brew to fuel this anti-democratic political machine. They have three specific people as their embodiments: First, a Leader – a Bully -- with a strong personal streak of narcissism, cruelty, and vindictiveness: Mr. Trump. What he brings to the amalgam is a “populism” that is not about policy but about an emotional connection with people who are angry enough to break the rules of decorum –- and welcome a leader who does break them.

To Resist Trump, We Will Be Bold

By Destiny Lopez for The Hill - There has always been resistance in the face of hate and oppression. When the ugliness of Jim Crow arose across the American south, black women and men resisted, fought back, and are still fighting for equality. When migrant farmworkers in the 1950s were mistreated by bosses and the U.S. government alike, Dolores Huerta led the movement to organize and build power. Before Roe v. Wade, when abortion was outlawed here, women, clergy, and doctors created a secret infrastructure to help women get safe—if not legal—abortion care. No matter the challenge, the people of this country —often led by women and people of color

Don’t Count On Elections: Organize Or Die

By Jean Allen and Frank Castro for Medium. Voting is a limited expression of popular will, choosing which parties or candidates come into political office. In strict terms, it is nothing more or less than the choice of which politician you want to delegate your power to at a specific point in time. Oligarchy and Plutocracy. Voting is not only limited as an act, it is limited in its influence and powers. Though there have been major and recent concerns about the capture of the state by a small portion of the people, this is a feature, not a bug. The very system of representative government is designed to limit popular engagement. This fear of truly popular government can be seen in the desperate fretting our esteemed Founding Fathers had as they designed the Constitution.

Amazonian Tribe Brings Struggle to International Stage

By Christian Poirier, Amazon Watch & Brent Millikan, International Rivers. When Brazilian energy planners proposed to choke the Amazon’s Tapajós River and its tributaries with dozens of large hydroelectric dams, they underrated a formidable foe: the Munduruku people. The largest indigenous group in the Tapajós Basin, the Munduruku are proving to be sophisticated adversaries who are throwing a wrench in the dam industry's plans. The tribe has frequently caught the Brazilian government off guard with their tactics. They have a flair for the theatrical – they staged a series of dramatic protests in Brasilia, including a “die-in” at the Ministry of Mines and Energy – and the practical. In January, they delivered a protocol to government officials demanding a culturally-appropriate process of free, prior and informed consultation and consent (FPIC). While enshrined in Brazil’s constitution and integral to ILO Convention 169, the indigenous right to FPIC has been systematically ignored in Brazil.
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