May 10th-14th: Take Action In DC To Stand In Solidarity With J20 Defendants

By Staff, -

On December 21st, a jury returned a not-guilty verdict on all charges for the first six defendants in the J20 case. Subsequently, on January 19th, 2018, the prosecution dropped charges against [...]

Prosecutors Invoke Union Membership To Criminalize Inauguration Day Protesters

By Elizabeth King and Siobhan O'Leary, -

In prosecutions against Inauguration Day protesters, the government contends some of the defendants’ union memberships qualify as evidence of a conspiracy to commit a crime. Hundreds of thousands [...]

J20 Trials Pushed Back, As After Nearly A Year And A Half Prosecutors Claim They Need More Time

By Chip Gibbons, -

For nearly a year and half the US Attorney’s Office has sought to put protesters arrested during the Inauguration in prison for decades. In spite of the massive amount of time and resources they [...]

D.C. Police And Feds Partner With Hard Right To Convict Trump Protesters

By Steven Rosenfeld, -

Washington, D.C., police and federal prosecutors have been collaborating with notorious right-wing groups known for fascist statements and using doctored videos to ambush their targets in an [...]

US Attorney Drops 129 Trump Inauguration Protest Cases, 59 Still Face Decades In Prison

By Staff, -

Washington, DC – A legal filing submitted today by the US Attorney’s Office (USAO) indicate that the federal government has drastically reduced the scope of the prosecution of people mass [...]

Previously Anonymous Police Officers Named In ACLU Suit For J20 Abuses

By Baynard Woods, -

In a new filing, amending a pending lawsuit against Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, the ACLU named 27 police officers who they say violated the constitutional rights of several [...]

J20 “Not Guilty” Verdict Should Embolden Dissent

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times -

In a blow to the Trump administration’s efforts to quell dissent, on Thursday six defendants arrested at Inauguration Day “Disrupt J20” protests were found not guilty of all charges. The heavy [...]

6 People Accused Of Rioting At Inauguration Acquitted On All Counts

By Steven Nelson, -

A Washington jury acquitted four women and two men of rioting and property destruction charges Thursday, dealing a blow to prosecutors bringing similar cases against nearly 200 others. The six [...]

Controversial Inauguration Protest Prosecution Ends In Not Guilty Verdicts

By Ryan J. Reilly, -

All six defendants in a crucial trial involving demonstrators arrested during President Donald Trump’s inauguration were found not guilty of all charges on Thursday. The trial of the six [...]

DC Jury Acquits Six Inauguration Day Defendants on All Counts

By Defend J20 Resistance -

After two days of deliberation, a DC jury today found all six Inauguration Day defendants not guilty on all eight counts—-misdemeanor rioting and conspiracy to riot, and five counts of felony [...]

Gov Attempting To Criminalize J20 Protest Group As A Whole

By Sam Adler-Bell -

IT’S BEEN A BLEAK year for the 194 protesters, medics, and journalists facing multiple felony charges stemming from their arrest surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on January [...]

Judge In J20 Case Drops Inciting Riot Charge

By Baynard Woods, -

The judge in the trial of six of the 193 people to face decades in prison under the federal Riot Act for protesting on Inauguration Day, dismissed one of the most serious charges Wednesday. Judge [...]

J20 Prosecution: The Future Of Free Speech

By Ryan J. Reilly, -

WASHINGTON ― Justice Department prosecutor Jennifer Kerkhoff carried the cardboard evidence box past the jury and placed it next to Officer Andre Reid, the 14-year veteran of the D.C. [...]

J20 Officer Bizarrely Slanders Black Neighborhood In Testimony

By Alan Pyke, -

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Officer Michael Howden was supposed to help federal prosecutors establish that the group of protesters they want jailed for decades were assaulting cops wantonly the day [...]

#COINTELPRO: Disrupting Resistance Movements In The Digital Age

By Tasha Moro, -

By Tasha Moro for the National Lawyers Guild. Trials began last week in the historic prosecution of nearly 200 “J20” defendants indiscriminately arrested en masse during protests against Trump’s [...]

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